Clarkson, Hammond And May Try To Appeal To Youngsters This Friday On The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour season 3 episode 10 will see the trio try to appeal to millennials.

Mercedes (USB) Key Fob Makes For A Cruel Christmas Present Joke

This flash drive was built to look like an official Mercedes key fob.

T-Pain Pays Homage To Rick And Morty With Nissan 240SX Wrap

The car was wrapped to look like the character Pickle Rick, one of the show’s most popular creations.

‘Real People Not Actors’ Parody Is Properly Hilarious

Whatever you feel about Chevy’s ‘real people, not actors’ spots, you should definitely watch this sketch.

Somebody Thought The World Needed An ‘El Camaro’ – So Here It Is

Tucking a Camaro nose to the body of an old pickup truck is one way to get noticed – for all the wrong reasons.

Tesla Model 3 Driver Pulled Over For Having His “Computer Mounted” On The Dashboard

The officer thought that the Model 3’s stock infotainment display was just a tablet mounted on by the owner of the car.

Knight Rider Parody Is A Rare Dealer-Only Instructional Video From 1985

Someone at The General had a sense of humor by using the (then famous) fictional self-conscious Trans Am in a promo vid.

Audi Outdo Themselves With Awesome ‘Escape’ A8 L Commercial

The Audi A8 is so comfortable, it can make you forget you’re in the middle of a battle.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Powersliding A Ford Mustang

This chart makes fun of clueless ‘Stang drivers who want to show off and end up crashing.

Regular Car Reviews Tries To Find Which Focus Is The Best Focus

It seems that going to a Ford Focus meet can be a lot more entertaining than just taking in all the mods.

Awesome Thanos Mod For GTA V Comes With Working Infinity Gauntlet

The Mad Titan has found his way into the virtual realm and is just as powerful as you’d image.

There’s An Old Volvo V70 Wagon Under All That Ungainly Cladding

As far as ill-conceived body kits go, this is definitely up with the worst of them.