2019 Jaguar I-Pace Drives 229 Miles From London To Brussels On One Charge

It drove through the Chunnel’s service tunnel and arrived at the destination with plenty of juice left.

These Are The Semifinalists For The 2019 North American Car, Utility And Truck Of The Year

The Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra will duke it out in the truck category.

Jaguar Unveils Full-Size I-PACE Clay Model For Museum Exhibit

The I-PACE exhibit will take center stage on September 15 at the new V&A Design Museum in Dundee, Scotland.

Jaguar I-Pace Sets EV Lap Record At Laguna Seca

Driven by Randy Pobst, the I-Pace lapped the track in 1:48.18..

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Jaguar I-Pace Will Get On Stage With Streaming Sensation Dua Lipa

The young artist will be joined by the all-electric SUV in her September 3 gig in Amsterdam.

Jaguar I-Pace Drag Races Audi RS3 Sedan – Place Your Bets!

Both have a maximum output of 400 PS and all-wheel drive; and that’s where the similarities end.

Jaguar Delivers First All-Electric I-Pace Taxis In Munich

The British automaker wants to capitalize on Germany’s willingness to adopt electrification .

Waymo Takes Delivery Of First Three Jaguar I-Pace SUVs – 19,997 Still To Go

Waymo has placed a huge order for JLR’s electric crossover that will form part of its autonomous fleet.

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Tennis Star Andy Murray Buys Jaguar I-PACE As Promised

The two time Wimbledon champion promised to ‘go electric’ during the World Wide Fund for Nature pledge.

Jaguar Details 2019 I-Pace EV In 95 Images

The all-electric Jaguar I-Pace is finally here.