744 PS Mercedes-AMG GT S Beats Many Rivals, But Not The McLaren 720S

This tuned Merc proves its mettle against a variety of competitors, but it’s simply no match for the McLaren.

Is This The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Testing At The Nurburgring?

The reborn Black Series should be a proper rival to the Porsche 911 GT2 RS.

Renntech’s 813 HP AMG GT R Is Now The Fastest Mercedes On The Nurburgring

The upgraded GT R ran the course 7 seconds quicker than the stock model – but the tuner thinks it can do better.

Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster Will Combine Drop Top Fun With 577 HP

The latest roadster from Mercedes-AMG should rocket from 0-62 mph in around 3.6 seconds.

Mercedes-AMG GT Facelift Spotted, Sports Updates Inside And Out

The updated Mercedes-AMG GT has been spotted with new headlights and a modified rear bumper.

613 HP Mercedes-AMG GT S Is Red With Anger [137 Images]

With an ECU upgrade and a custom exhaust, this GT S is substantially more powerful than the stock GT R.

Wald’s New Mercedes-AMG GT S Is No Hulk, But It Can Still Throw A Punch

The Japanese tuner has fitted Merc’s sports coupe with its ‘Black Bison’ body kit.

Mercedes-AMG GT S By Prior Design Is Oh So Very Wide

This GT S features the tuner’s new carbon body kit and an Alcantara-clad interior.

Mercedes-AMG GT R Drag Races Lamborghini Huracan – Place Your Bets!

Think you know beforehand who the winner is? Well, the results might surprise you.

Mercedes-AMG GT S Gets A Complete Tuning Job From Fostla

Fostla’s Mercedes-AMG GT S has 604hp and 566lb-ft of torque, in addition to other upgrades.

Mercedes-AMG GT R Takes On Honda NSX In ICE Vs Hybrid Fight

The two supercars raced from a standstill as well as from a roll, followed by a brake test.

Renntech’s Modded Mercedes-AMG GT R Is The Bomb With 825 PS

Besides the extra muscle, Renntech’s tuned Mercedes-AMG GT R has some bodywork upgrades, too.