All-New 2012 Kia Rio Sedan for North America Breaks Cover


After rolling out the China market Kia K2 sedan at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show on Tuesday, the South Korean automaker exposed the sub-compact sedan’s North American sibling that will be sold under the Rio nameplate. Even though the K2 and Rio share the same underpinnings being the sedan versions of the all-new Rio hatchback, which was unwrapped in Geneva this past March, the two models get feature unique exterior designs.

The North American Rio sedan keeps the hatchback model’s front end styling with the large, almond-shaped headlights adding a new window line and a different rear end design. Same goes for the interior which is identical to the five-door model we saw in Geneva, sans the different trim and features.

The 2012 Rio is longer, wider and lower than the previous generation model, measuring 4366mm (171.9-in.) long, 1,720mm wide (67.7-in.) and 1,455mm (57.3-in) high. Kia said that thanks to the use of high-tensile-strength steel (63 percent), the new Rio offers increased torsional stiffness for improved handling, ride quality and refinement, plus increased crash safety capabilities while reducing overall weight.

In the USA, the new Rio is powered by a 135HP 1.6-litre GDI four-cylinder engine with the option of either a six-speed manual transmission or six-speed automatic. Kia said that the new Rio is estimated to return 30 mpg city and 40 mpg highway (7.8-5.8L/100km). The Rio will be offered with Kia’s start-stop ISG technology.

"The all-new Rio brings Kia's successful combination of world-class styling, outstanding fuel economy, advanced technologies and tremendous value to the smallest and most economical vehicle in the Kia line-up," said Michael Sprague, vice-president, marketing & communications, KMA.



Anonymous said... »April 20, 2011

Great looking car, a vast improvement over the current design. This along with improved performance, and economy, looks like big hit here! Really looking forward to the 5 door design.

Anonymous said... »April 20, 2011

Looks hot!

Too bad it is lower - harder to get in\out of.

alex said... »April 20, 2011

Really looks like a mini-Optima, even more than the new Accent looks like a mini-Sonata.

My only gripe is the somewhat dated looking interior, was expecting something a tad more exciting, what with Kia being the sportier counterpart to Hyundai.

Anonymous said... »April 20, 2011

Lower weight?? So it's going to be UNDER 2400lbs? That's awesome.

Meanwhile a significant increase in horsepower and fuel economy; much better looks; start-stop technology - finally!

Looks like we have a winner.

Anonymous said... »April 20, 2011

Exterior styling is at least current, and desirable.

Rick said... »April 20, 2011

Reminds me of a last-gen Jetta with S4 wheels. Not a bad thing at all. Heated seats and leather in this class??! Go Kia, good job.

Anonymous said... »April 20, 2011

this car is for poor people, like those on welfare however from what I see those people would rather buy a Altima

Anonymous said... »April 20, 2011

poor people got 135HP 1.6-litre GDI and 6 speed A/T Kia

rich people got 109HP 1.5-liter VVT and 4 speed A/T Toyota

in East Asia ...

yea ... rich ~ but poor performance

Anonymous said... »April 20, 2011

lol you dont understand me at all. And who cares about smelly east asia?????

Anonymous said... »April 20, 2011

Kia definitely needs to rework their logo. It is beginning to bug me a lot. Currently it doesn't sit well with the front grill with any of the models in their lineup.

Is it me or is there something funky about the way front hood meet up with the grill.

Anonymous said... »April 20, 2011

Win. You can see Kia now have german head-designer, you almost don't see them releasing strange unproportional cars so characteristic of asian brands.

Anonymous said... »April 20, 2011

very nice design, inside and out! Now make a coupe version, please.

Anonymous said... »April 21, 2011

I love this design both inside and out. Honda, you are so screwed!

Musti Seymore said... »April 21, 2011

Not sure if I'll ever be in the market for a KIA but this is the best looking Kia to date.

Anonymous said... »April 21, 2011

Yowza! Me like!

Anonymous said... »May 03, 2011

Poor people? for a 3rd car / commuter car I think it's great! If the diff in price is only $3-4k the 2012 Soul might be my choice - can't wait for a six M/T in the soul but would have to drive both the Rio5 and the Soul to be sure.

Anonymous said... »July 15, 2011

Exterior styling is at least current, and desirable.

Prince_007 said... »September 08, 2012

Its a good car , nice options and interior . Meanwhile I would buy toyota instead of kia coz both cars are having the same prices

idbdg said... »September 22, 2012

RIO sedan is awesome with Stance look ;)

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