Chrysler Sebring Convertible Dressed Up as a Bentley Continental GTC Supersports


The Sebring is one vehicle series that the folks under the Pentastar would rather forget, as evidenced by the change of name on its facelifted replacement, the 200.

On the face of it, some customers share the feeling with Chrysler. Like this owner who transformed a 2003 Sebring Convertible V6 into a fairly accurate replica of the pre-facelift Bentley Continental GTC SuperSports cabriolet.

On the outside, that is, because once you check out the photos of the interior, there's no question about the pedigree or…lack thereof, something that the seller admits in his description of the car on eBay that follows below:

"2012 Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible Replica built on a 2003 Chrysler Sebring LXi convertible with a 2.7 V6. Runs and drives great and everything works. Ice cold a/c, power windows, locks, seat, convertible top, am/fm/cd stereo, brand new Dub 22" Chrome wheels with brand new tires which cost over $3000.

All real Bentley lights, emblems and exhaust tips. All lights work as the should (the factory xenons, high beams, reverse lights, tail lights, turn signals, tag lights) Brand new battery has been relocated to the trunk.

New brakes, radiator, a/c compressor, tranny replaced before build. Oil changed just done in the past 30 days.

The interior is all factory Sebring. It is leather, but the drivers seat has a couple tears and it does show wear and has some stains. This car is awesome and gets ALOT of attention. The car does need a real good cleaning as it sits most of the time in the garage. Also will need a good buffing. "

Last time we checked, the highest bid on eBay was US$20,619 with four days left (June 8) until the sale ends.




John @ Carscoop said... »June 04, 2012

Amazing exterior that pays homage to the true GTC however the interior is woefully bad.  I could see this fooling many untrained eyes from a distance - of course with the interior unseen.

John @ Carscoop said... »June 04, 2012

Poor sebring.

John @ Carscoop said... »June 04, 2012

Why go through all the effort of such an accurate conversion, only to stop the transformation at that hideous Chrysler interior?

John @ Carscoop said... »June 04, 2012

What blew-up in the interior?

John @ Carscoop said... »June 04, 2012

Would def fool most people that this is a Bentley... Just dont look at that interior! What the hell happened there? Im with 'Ditch Plains' WHY would you go so far only to leave that HIDEOUS interior??

kachuks said... »June 05, 2012

Looks like this thing saw a couple of rain showers and then left out in the sun for a long time, all the while with the top down.  

aoaccd said... »June 05, 2012

This looks more serious than the Bentley, now that they don't have that stupid uncertain wing window on the Bentley door, next to the mirror.

That goofy little window, made the real Bentley look somewhat comical.

If VW/Bentley could remove that stupid little window, such as, for a model update, then why did they keep it there?  Do they still believe they help the aesthetics of the car???

Aston Martin got rid of it about 1-2 years ago on the DBS and Virage coupes, and they look more serious now.

If you're going to do a quarter window, do them well and more definite.  Like a Lotus Esprit, VW Scirocco Mk1 and MkII, Mazda Miata Mk1&2, older Porsche 911, BMW 2002 and CSL, even a Renaul Espace,  etc.

Not these lame "partial" jobs like the goofy Bentleys, Porsche Panamera and new Cayenne/Touareg, Aston Martin Rapide sedan, Renault Modus, Peugeot 207s-208s-308s-3008s-407s-508s-807s, etc.

Kaveh said... »June 05, 2012

The outside is done really well.  They forgot to do anything at all to the interior, and that includes vacuuming it for the pictures.  

Ss said... »June 05, 2012

WTF, i thought that was an actual Bentley before i read the title, such an identical kit!!

Anonymous said... »June 06, 2012

this is a kit made by fugazzi cars in st pete fl. Verry well made accurate kit that people can actually finish. Fugazzi cars is the only bentley replica company that has pictures and videos of cars they actually finished. There kits cost a bit more than the other guys but its not some jankey shell you have to rig on the donor car, it actually fits and looks good when its all done.

Robertf1976 said... »June 07, 2012

Is that a....Oh wait nah, It's a Chrysler.  lmao!

VirginiaBeachStepper said... »June 07, 2012

Its clearly not a Bentley but you gotta admit it'd be fun for a day. Where do you even find a shell to put on top of another car like that?

Marc Xyoung said... »June 07, 2012

LOL forget a brand new 300c im goin for the bentley.

U Mad Cus Im Real ? said... »June 07, 2012

why not fix the inside too? that cars guts look like it was in hurricane katrina

frylock05 said... »June 08, 2012

You can build your oen for alot cheaper the kit is only $1,600 in all honesty the old seberings are not more than that really. plus any body shop can put it on.

Primossuper said... »June 08, 2012

so fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Garry said... »June 13, 2012

I agree... but where can you purchase the Full bodyki? .

Jphill1910 said... »June 28, 2012

you can polish a turd but its still a turd.

Tanveer said... »July 04, 2012

I got my kit from Rockstar Replicas in atlanta ga
installed it in a week, they have the mustang based coupe and convertible.
check them out if you are in the area, heres their number
706 372 2176

Tanveer said... »July 04, 2012
they have a coupe and a vert
706 372 2176

Jack Travis said... »August 20, 2012

Where can you get this kit?

Jnielsen said... »October 04, 2012

Very good replica, but who makes it ??? I would buy one instantly

Anonymous said... »February 03, 2013

Is this car still available.. I have some good interior to go right in.. I love the outside..

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