McLaren Unleashes 72 Photos and Full Specs of New MP4-12C Spider


Following the posh reveal of the MP4-12C Spider at the Pebble Beach weekend in California at the end of August, McLaren has now come out with a fresh gallery of images and detailed specifications of the open top model.

The big difference over the tweaked 2013 model year fixed-roof coupé version of the MP4-12C series is, of course, the Spider's Retractable Hard Top (RHT) with a fully automatic two-piece design that can be raised or lowered in under 17 seconds at speeds of up to 30 km/h (19 mph).

Once lowered, the top is stowed neatly away under a body colored hard tonneau cover that incorporates twin buttresses, which can be used as additional luggage space when the roof is raised.

The 12C Spider features a standard, heated glass rear window, which can be operated independently of the roof and provides a more direct access to the sounds of the twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V8 engine mounted directly behind the cabin.

In order to save weight, McLaren avoided the fitment of "Active" pop up roll bars and instead used a steel structure positioned within each of the rear buttresses to absorb any impact and protect occupants in the event of a roll over.

Wrapping up the changes over the coupe, the Spider is offered with two specially designed bags that fit in the 52-liter storage space behind the seats, while the audio and climate systems adapt when the roof is lowered down.

The Spider is powered by the same 616hp (625PS) 3.8-litre V8 twin turbocharged engine connected to a 7-Speed SSG dual-clutch transmission driving the rear wheels as the updated 2013MY coupe.

The open top model weighs only 88 pounds (40 kg) more than its fixed-roof sibling and is capable of completing the standard zero to 100km/h (62mph) sprint in 3.1 seconds (same as the coupe, though it's 0.2 seconds slower in the 0-160km/h – 100mph sprint) en route to a top speed of 209mph (329km/h).

In the UK, prices start at £195,500 or £19,500 more than the coupe, with first deliveries expected in November, while in the States, the Spider has an MSRP of $265,750.


McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-1McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-2McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-3McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-4McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-5McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-6McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-7McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-8McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-9McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-10McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-11McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-12McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-13McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-14McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-15McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-16McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-17McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-18McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-19McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-20McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-21McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-22McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-23McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-24McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-25McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-26McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-27McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-28McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-29McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-30McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-31McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-32McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-33McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-34McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-35McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-36McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-37McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-38McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-39McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-40McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-41McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-42McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-43McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-44McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-45McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-46 McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-47McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-48McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-49McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-50McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-51McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-52McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-53McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-54McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-55McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-56McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-57McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-58McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-59McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-60McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-61McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-62McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-63McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-64McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-65McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-66McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-67McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-68McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-69McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-70McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-71McLaren-MP4-12C-Spider-72


Alex said... »October 12, 2012

Exhilaratingly beautiful

Kevin Dalton said... »October 12, 2012

That seems to be more like it.

Kevin Dalton said... »October 12, 2012

That seems to be more like it....

JJaprand said... »October 12, 2012

Just what I need for a cold and wet winter driving.

S4ndals said... »October 12, 2012

I'll add it to my wish list of cars I'll never be able to afford..

Anon said... »October 12, 2012

 Who is the lucky 18 year old at the wheel of the blue one??  O.o

Rolonoa_z said... »October 13, 2012

Looks gorgeous, but the truth is not many people will buy this instead of a Ferrari or Lamborghini

Khalid said... »October 13, 2012

Excellent,luxurious and nice McLaren car features.

Net Worth said... »October 13, 2012

The probable truth is that McLaren isn't aiming at clientèle who are poor enough to be forced with an "instead" choice of vehicles.

The majority of Ferrari & Lambo owners have multi-vehicle fleets, with habitual regular purchasing of further vehicles.

Treytreyhotboi said... »October 13, 2012

This car is just beautiful, I would buy this anyday over the 458 spyder if I had the money

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