New McLaren P1 Bows and Wows at the Geneva Auto Salon [w/Videos]


The old adage about racing improving the breed certainly applies to this year’s Geneva Motor Show. We’re not referring to the gorgeous 911 GT3 that will form the basis of Porsche's new racer but the two Formula 1 arch-rivals that launched their new hypercars at the Swiss show.

That will be Ferrari and McLaren, then. Both boast outlandish horsepower figures in excess of 900HP, sub-3.0-second 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) acceleration times, a level of technology unseen until now in production cars and will be produced in limited numbers and, of course, priced accordingly.

Only one of them has a really daft name though… Evo magazine’s Henry Catchpole gave the other a very close inspection and was kind enough to share his thoughts with the rest of us mortals.

You can watch Henry stroke and caress the McLaren P1 in the way only a true petrolhead would, and also get behind its lovely Alcantara and carbon fiber trimmed wheel in the video that follows right after the break.

By Andrew Tsaousis





Mr.Brooks said... »March 05, 2013

enzo is better. this p1 looks like a frog lol

SomeRandomCommenter said... »March 05, 2013

I prefer this over the Ferrari LaFerrari.

Ty said... »March 05, 2013

Being "F1-inspired" you'd think it would have genuine knock-off style wheels.....the wheels on the P1 look cheap, like something you would see on a Honda Civic.
Not sure the cost of the P1 but if it's in the same catergory as the new LaFerrari, there is way more attention to detail in the Ferrari and it's much better looking than the MCLaren.

Ricardo E Callado said... »March 05, 2013

I think it looks better than the LaFerrari, and it has a better name

T-Cake said... »March 05, 2013

I agree wholeheartedly with you on the name. Even if "P1" is short, it's much less annoying than "Ferrari LaFerrari."

Ivan Delev said... »March 05, 2013

After seing LaFerrari this looks boring i must say

Alejandro Ramirez said... »March 05, 2013

My thoughts are exactly the opposite. After seeing LaFerrari (DEAR LORD WHAT A STUPID NAME!!!) this looks beyond awesome.

GV said... »March 05, 2013

Still prefer the F1 LM which is next to it, sorry!

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