Mercedes Gone In 20 Seconds As Thieves Use Keyless Signal Cloning Tech

A transmitter and amplifier were used to detect the Mercedes’ keyless signal from outside the house.

BMW X2 Targets Mercedes In New Ad, Drops Mic On Them

BMW knows why Mercedes-Benz is “mad” when it sees the X2.

Audi Q8 Inches Closer With Second Teaser Episode

We only have to sit through three more episodes before the Audi Q8 is launched.

Updated 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor Will Tell You When It’s Airborne

Besides a new suspension, the 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor gets Trail Control and new Recaro sport seats.

Dodge Demon Vs Lambo Huracan: Which One’s Faster In The 1/4-Mile?

Can the more powerful Demon subdue the all-wheel drive, and much pricier, Italian exotic?.

990 HP Mercedes SLS AMG Plows Through Grass During A Drag Race

Things didn’t turn out as expected for the owner of this Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

Nico Rosberg Takes Emily Ratajkowski For A Spin In BMW i8 Safety Car

The 2016 Formula 1 champ gave the model/actress a taste of his craft in the Formula E safety car.

Porsche Built A Replica Of Its First Roadster As The Original Was “Lost” To History

The first Porsche roadster isn’t in original condition so the company decided to make a realistic replica.

Black Bear Gets Trapped In A Subaru, Positively Destroys The Interior

The bear managed to open an unlocked door and then climbed inside.

Safety Groups Call On FTC To Investigate Tesla’s “Dangerously Misleading” Claims About Autopilot

Consumer Watchdog and The Center for Auto Safety are teaming up to take on Tesla and its Autopilot marketing.

New BMW M8 GTE Shows Its Composure At Monza

The BMW M8 GTE shares some components with the road car.

New Buick Regal Has Some Tricks Up Its Sleeve, Says Consumer Reports

The new Buick Regal might be a smart choice, just don’t play with the configurator too much.