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2025 Alfa Romeo GTS Render Imagines A Muscular Italian Rival To The BMW M2

Nissan’s new Z is this year’s most exciting coupe, but how did things look 40 years ago?.


The all-new generation of Toyota’s full-size pickup will be officially unveiled tonight at 9PM EST.


This seller dubs this the Mercedes-Benz AMG C8 GTR and it’s supposed to take inspiration from Merc’s C8, C9 and C11 race cars.


Who wins, the old Defender with modern propulsion or the new one with modern tech but older, ICE power?.


A quality case would do nicely – but why settle for one when you can use your own company’s wheels?.


For its new cars’ design, Renault is making the most of the flexibility that electric platforms provide.


With a 659 hp 6.0-liter W12 engine, the Bentley Continental GT Speed is a driftable luxury brute .


A prototype with camouflage on both the front and the rear end was recently spied testing.


Cadillac’s super sedan might not be the fastest or the most precise, but it is the most fun, especially for the price.


This F12 has also been equipped with aftermarket wheels, lowering springs, a front axle lift and a carbon front splitter.

Listen To This Pagani Huayra R Scream Down A Runway, Then Try To Tell Us Silent EV Supercars Are Exciting

Pagani’s vintage F1 soundtrack is enough to remind you what real drama means.

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