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Herd Of Deer Try To Cross A Road, One Of Them Lands On A BMW

The redesigned Honda Civic will debut this spring.


Nio is the latest car company to fear production shortages as share prices drop amidst wide losses .


The NHRA wants to make electric cars a bigger part of the drag racing picture.


The 2021 Niro Hybrid starts at $24,690.


The driver was going 155 mph in a 55 mph zone.


Alfa’s certified pre-owned vehicles come with a five year warranty and a 169-point inspection.


Hertz gets the investment it’s been angling for as well as a plan to get out of bankruptcy by mid-summer.


Lordstown Motors says it has 100,000 orders for the Endurance pickup truck.

A complaint was made claiming that “this type of driving doesn’t make legends it makes dead people”.


The ploy had apparently been working for a year and a half when one officer caught the dupe. Now the driver is facing at least $400 in fines.

Next-Gen Land Rover Discovery Sport, Range Rover Evoque To Move Onto Electrified Platform

JLR wants to electrify its lineup and these are the first Land Rovers that will use an EV platform.

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