Charge’s Electric All-Wheel Drive Mustang Rockets From 0-62 MPH In Less Than 3.1 Seconds

The electric Mustang will be launched next year and cost $260,145.

Cadillac Pulling The Plug On The CT6 PHEV In North America

While the CT6 Plug-In is going away, Cadillac confirmed plans for new EVs.

2020 Kia Soul Crossover Teased Before Debut At LA Auto Show

The 2020 Kia Soul EV is highly likely to debut alongside the regular Soul at the LA Auto Show.

Watch Dubai Police Officers Take Hoverbike Riding Lessons

There are few practical advantages to the hoverbike but the Dubai Police fleet isn’t known for practicality.

Germany Will Spend $1.2 Billion To Support EV Battery Development

Germany doesn’t want to be left behind by Asia in the battery race.

VW Reportedly Open To Joining German EV Battery Consortium

The automaker is said to discuss the matter at a supervisory board meeting later this week.

Tesla Cuts Options On Model S And Model X, While Also Increasing Prices On 75D Variants

The Model S is dropping its unique rear facing child seats.

VW Bought Enough Batteries To Build 50 Million Electric Vehicles

That’s a huge amount of electric cars considering that VW Group sold 10.7 million vehicles of all types and brands in 2017.

China Could Experience Decline In Car Sales For The First Time In 30 Years

Deliveries have been down for four months in a row, so this year the grand total could be lower than 2017.

VW Wants Its Cheapest Electric Car To Be Priced Below $23,000

If true, VW’s most affordable electric model will undercut the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf.

Roborace To Compete With New Prototype Rather Than Fully-Autonomous Racer

The Roborace season will see both humans and computers driving the electric prototypes.

VW Cuts e-Up’s European Price By Almost $4500

Sadly, the VW e-Up! is still quite expensive in Europe.