New Yorkers Lift Mercedes-Benz GLE To Free Pedestrian Trapped Under SUV

The woman trapped under the Mercedes GLE was transported to a local hospital.

Emoji Vanity License Plates Could Soon Come To Vermont Making It The First In The U.S.

It remains unclear what emojis Vermont motorists will have to choose from.

Jokesters Hit The Internet Selling 2020 Corvette C8’s Wheels

The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette will reach customers in February with its wheels attached.

20-Day-Old Audi RS Q8 Crashes Into Dutch Canal

The Audi RS Q8 in question may have suffered quite a lot of unseen damage.

Dodge’s Plastic Splitter Guards Are A Weird Fad That’s Splitting Opinions

Some Dodge Charger and Challenger owners like the bright yellow and pink guards.

GMC Pickup Driver Crashes Then Makes A Run For It, Cammer Goes After Him

The driver of the GMC Sierra was later spotted fleeing his own car on foot.

The 2020 Corvette C8 Might Be Detroit’s Hometown Hero, But It’s Not Safe From Thieves

A 2020 Corvette parked on a Detroit street had its wheels stolen and placed on cinderblocks.

Driver Attempts To Flee Police, Ends Up Launching Mercedes Off A Cliff At 100 MPH

The Mercedes reportedly soared 400 feet and crossed the San Joaquin River.

GM Engineers Caught Racing 2020 Corvettes No Longer Have Their Jobs (Updated)

Both C8 Corvette engineers were nabbed driving at over 100 mph (+160km/h).

2020 BMW 745Le M Sport Gets The ‘Art Car’ Treatment, Doesn’t Look Any Prettier

Brazilian photographer Gabriel Wickbold gave the BMW 745Le a custom makeover.

Get A Free 2020 Supra GR Poster Mailed To Your House, On Toyota

Time to give that boring wall some love with this Toyota Supra poster – but it’s only for U.S. residents.

World’s Lowest Lada Niva Is Ridiculous Yet We Can’t Look Away

Some crazy Russians decided the Lada Niva needed an extreme makeover – and then this happened.