Firefighters Extinguishing Porsche Cayman Fire Seemingly Look For Engine In Wrong Place

Were the firefighters actually looking for the Cayman’s engine in the front or just the battery?.

A Dozen Minnesota State Patrol Cars Were Hit On The Side Of The Road In Just Two Weeks

Minnesota State Patrol cars were involved in nearly one crash per day so far this month.

Mercedes-AMG And Cigarette Racing’s New 41’ AMG Carbon Edition Has 1,600 Sea Horses

It’s only fitting that one of the world’s fastest passenger cars shares some elements with a high-end speedboat.

Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Amusing Valentine’s Post Irks Some Facebook Users

Troopers noted they’ve been “Making hearts skip a beat since 1933”.

RIP Rover: NASA Loses Contact With ‘Opportunity’ Mars-Exploring Vehicle

After 15 years of exploring Mars, the rover lost contact with Earth following a gigantic dust storm.

“Sammy The Sinkhole” Takes A Bite Out Of Toyota Highlander, Leaves It In Limbo

The SUV got stuck on the sinkhole formed by a broken water main that was flooded and, thus, barely visible.

Papua New Guinea Somehow Lost Nearly 300 Luxury Cars After APEC Summit

The 40 Maseratis and 3 Bentleys are in store, but 284 vehicles are still being used without authorization.

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: Semi Plows Into Squad Car

The officer behind the wheel was trapped inside the Ford Explorer, but did not sustain any injuries.

Tesla Model X Owner Blames ‘Confused’ Autopilot For Running Off Highway

Tesla will probably investigate this Model X crash.

Russia Is About To Get Its First Driverless Tram

Official testing of Russia’s first autonomous tram will begin in Moscow in the coming weeks.

Top Gear’s Incoming Host Crashes Subaru Brat During Filming

Freddie Flintoff crashed through barricades and hit a tent during a race in the UK.

Chrome Pink Lambo Aventador Clocked At 104 Mph (168 Km/h) On Frigid Canadian Road

The driver of this pink chrome Aventador Roadster lost both his license and car for 7 days.