Jeep Wrangler Tries To Merge Into Traffic, Road Rage Fight Ensues

The mesh on the windscreen of the dashcam vehicle makes this fight seem as if it were in a cage .

Tragic High Speed Collision Captured On Traffic Cam In Illinois

This accident resulted in three fatalities and one critically injured driver.

Edd China Returns With A New Show Called ‘Garage Revival’

Everyone’s favorite mechanic Edd China will help owners with their stalled projects.

Lamborghini Aventador SV Goes Off-Road At Targa Tasmania Rally

Fortunately, both occupants (and the Lambo) were fine and they resumed racing.

House Explodes Minutes After Getting Hit By A Ford Explorer

Five people were injured after the Explorer severed a gas line.

Dodge Demon Hits Three Parked Cars, Gets Beaten Up Quite Badly

The serious accident allegedly took place in La Jolla, California last week.

Brutal Crash Ensues Police Chase In New Orleans

The car hit another vehicle and then wrapped itself around a poll violently.

Lamborghini ‘Huracam’ Is The World’s Fastest Camera Car Ever

With a half-million bucks camera frame and a top speed of 201 mph, it’s the world’s best camera car.

Florida Man Arrested After Handing Dashcam Footage Over To Cops

Xavier Moran tried to show he wasn’t at fault for an accident but gave police evidence of another crime.

Mazda Driver Knocks Down Rider After Road Rage Episode In Florida

As if riding on two wheels wasn’t already dangerous enough.

What Automaker Makes The Best Two-Car Garage For Enthusiasts?

Getting two cars from Mercedes-AMG, Ford, and Chevrolet all are great options.

BMW M2 Driver Can’t Keep It Sideways, Smashes On Curb

The BMW M2 thought it was a Mustang while leaving a car meet.