Pair Of Pre-Production 2021 Ford Broncos Burned Down After Trailer Fire

It’s said that the fire started as a result of the truck rather than its contents.

Toyota Camry Hits Fire Hydrant, Water Pressure Tosses It Up In The Air

Well, at least this Camry got its undercarriage washed pretty thoroughly.

Off-Road Wiper Blades Are Now A Thing And They Look As Stupid As They Sound

Showcase your fragile masculinity via your wiper blades.

Ford Explorer Driver Totals Toyota Prius While Making A U-Turn

The Explorer driver should have checked for incoming traffic – but they didn’t.

NBC’s American Auto Is A New Comedy That Appears Inspired By GM

The show will focus on a fictional Detroit automaker that is struggling.

Most Popular New Car Color In The UK In 2020 Wasn’t Black Or White

There were 106 different colors registered throughout the year, with the least popular being maroon.

Man Tries, And Fails, To Do A Burnout In A Mercedes-AMG C63, Car Erupts On Fire

According to the police, who have charged the man with negligent driving, the Merc was destroyed.

Would-Be Thief Tries To Steal Mitsubishi Outlander From Aussie Dealership

Employees at the dealerships weren’t willing to let the man get away with it.

Water Crossing Is More Of A Jeep Thing, Not A Jaguar F-Pace Thing

Trying to cross a large water puddle is very risky – and carrying too much speed makes things worse.

See The BMW Dakota Pickup You Never Ram’d About

This Dodge Dakota appears to be having a bit of an identity crisis.

Young Driver Pretends To Sleep In His Tesla Model 3 With Autopilot Engaged

Tesla clearly states its system is not fully autonomous, yet people keep ignoring them.

YouTuber Crashes Mercedes G63 AMG Through Fence Trying To Do Donuts

Fortunately, nobody was injured and the damage to the G-Class appears to be repairable.