Rare Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Stolen From Nurburgring Hotel

This is one of the most recognizable Gullwings and its owner is offering a $250k reward.

Seconds From Disaster: Flying Reliant Robin Plummets To The Ground

Why on Earth would anyone try to make a Robin fly? At least the driver wasn’t injured by the impact.

Guy Who Thwarts Thieves’ Attempt To Steal A Motorcycle Is Hero Of The Day

The man was chased away, but then reversed and hit their moped, making them run from the scene.

Anarchy In The U.S.: Swarms Of ATVs And Dirt Bikes Terrorize Ohio As Police Gives Chase

Dozens of bikers descended upon the streets of Cleveland and Lakewood to cause chaos.

McLaren 720S Gets Spanked By Out Of Control Chevrolet Pickup Truck

The pickup truck couldn’t stop in time, so it swerved left and hit a Toyota, too.

Groups Of Young Men Set Fire To Over 100 Cars In Sweden

Police believe the attacks were coordinated using social media.

Man Going Down Highway In Roller Suit Arrested Before He Gets Himself Killed

Testing your battery-powered roller suit on public roads is not a very clever move.

Flood Pushes Cars Off Dealership Lot And Straight Into A Bridge

A number of vehicles were damaged including a Jeep Compass and Ram 1500.

Camel Trapped In Car After Head-On Crash, Both It And Driver Are OK

The driver miraculously escaped with his life and the animal was later freed and treated by vets.

Dashcam Catches Plane Making Emergency Landing On The Highway

The plane was experiencing engine problems and landed less than five miles away from the airport.

The Rear Of A BMW 850i Is The Trailer To One Seriously Weird Subaru

The heavily modified Tribeca is attached to a custom, yet rather unlikely, trailer.

SUV Driver Misjudges Exit, Smashes Into Concrete Divider And Flips Over

For some reason, the driver of this SUV hit an off-ramp’s center divider in the Bay Area hard.