If You Were Looking For The Automotive Equivalent Of A Rhino, Well, You’ve Found It

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Meet the Rhino GX, a custom military-inspired luxury SUV for those looking to intimidate other vehicles on the road, tanks included.

Based on the platform of a Ford F-450 Super Duty, the Rhino GX wants to offer the tough looks of a proper military vehicle but without the handling characteristics of one.

Power comes from Ford’s 6.7-litre diesel which produces 330hp and 760lb ft of torque. These figures can be deemed as sufficient to get this beast moving. A set of huge 38-inch mud tires and a new rear suspension with hydraulic struts allow it to tackle almost every surface in its way.

Add to that a towing capability of 12,000 lbs and its 140-inch wheelbase which makes it more driveable than most of the other similarly-minded machines out there. The cabin offers seating for up to seven people and customers can choose whether they want the soft nappa leather upholstery or a more rugged one, depending on their intended use of the vehicle.

Matt Farah drives the 10,000-lbs Rhino GX on an off road course in his latest One Take film linked below.