This Italian Firm Sends You Out In Style With A Maserati Ghibli Hearse

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When giving birth to the Ghibli, Maserati designers set about creating a stylish sedan and a fitting addition to the firm's line-up.

What they never would have envisioned was a Ghibli being turned into a...hearse, but thanks to Italian company Ellena srl Autotrasformazioni, that's exactly what has happened.

It's not clear why the firm chose the Ghibli as the basis for its latest hearse, but the finished result is perhaps the most fitting way for a rev head to leave planet earth.

The front half of the car looks just like any other Ghibli but from the windscreen back, the changes come thick and fast. For starters, the roof line has been reformed to provide additional headroom and continues to arch towards the sky before leveling out at the new rear section.

The rear axle has of course been re-positioned and moved back by about a meter, helping to ensure the car can easily carry a casket without splitting in half. The rear end meanwhile includes an extended bumper, quad tailpipes and the same lights adorning all regular Ghiblis.

As far as hearses go, we can't think of any that look better than this. Sign us 60 years or so.