Would You Spend $7,800 On These 22" Forged Dragon Wheels?

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If you enjoy your wheels looking as outlandish as possible, this set of custom 22s might just do the trick, as long as you don't mind the price.

Seriously though, this design is straight out of Game of Thrones, that is if they had cars instead of horses. You can bet Khaleesi would be rocking these on her golden G-Wagen...or something.

These images were shared by Dicastal Wheel Group CEO Richard Lv, and in the post he also states that they can be custom made to specific fitments with any custom finish.

Now, say what you will about the overall design or the lack of practicality, but there's plenty of attention to detail here to be appreciated, on the spokes and on the lip - though we'd imagine it wouldn't be easy to match them up to just about any car.

Perhaps you could pull it off if you had a Bentayga or a Phantom (the bigger, the better), but even then it would be a stretch. Unless you're into these sort of designs that is.