BMW 3-Series GT Owner Subconsciously Wanted A Honda Type R

Honda Civic Type R badges definitely look out of place on one of the most practical Bimmers ever.

Mazda MX-5 30th Anniversary Edition Is Pure, Unadulterated Fun

The MX-5 has always been a great little sports car, and the 30th Anniversary just adds a unique color and some unique extras .

2020 Mercedes-Benz S-Class To Launch With “Eyes-Off” Level 3 Autonomous Tech

Merc’s R&D chief revealed that they are working hard at it, but will know how high they can set the bar in a couple of months.

Is This Tesla Model S Driver Taking A Nap Behind The Wheel At 50-60 MPH?

The EV was driving itself on the Massachusetts Turnpike, and although both driver and co-driver seem asleep, Tesla claims it might be a prank or a hoax.

Matthew McConaughey Drives Through Colored Clouds In Lincoln’s 2020 Aviator Commercial

The 2020 Aviator breaks free from a cloud of pink and purple smoke which, Lincoln claims, symbolizes competitors’ excessive focus on performance.

Audi Hints At More Powerful Versions Of The RS6 And RS7

Audi could be working on Performance variants with a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

2020 Audi E-Tron Sportback Teased, Debuts November 19th

Audi’s electric crossover coupe will debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Will Begin At $69,998 CAD In Canada

At current exchange rates, the 2020 Corvette is more than $7,000 cheaper in Canada.

Chevrolet Built A Touch Under 35,000 2019 Corvettes To Send Off The C7

Of them, a mere 2,192 were convertibles, and in total, 77.6 percent of all customers chose the 8-speed auto gearbox over the manual.

Does BMW’s Concept 4 Looks Better With An 8-Series Grille?

The BMW Concept 4 previews the looks of the new M3 and M4, but not everyone warmed up to that kidney grille.

Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Driver Runs Red Light, Spins Out Of Control

The driver of the Caddy appears to have been going a little too quickly as he approached the intersection.

2020 Mercedes GLE Coupe Vs. Predecessor: An Upgrade Worth Making?

The all-new redesigned Mercedes GLE Coupe will look to build on the original model’s legacy.