2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS May End Up Keeping Its Moniker

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Even though we've seen plenty 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS models wearing full camouflage, the world's most famous 4-door coupe still has us wondering about more than just its appearance.

Initially, it was rumored that Mercedes were going to ditch the CLS nameplate in favor of the more appropriately-named "CLE", which made sense since the CLS has way more in common with the E-Class than the S-Class.

Besides, just like the previous two generations, the 2019 CLS will also be largely based on the E-Class. However, the latest reports seems to be leaning towards Mercedes sticking with "CLS" since the name happens to carry a lot of weight with it - after all, it started the 4-door coupe trend.

Even though the all-new model will be based on the current W213 E-Class platform, we're obviously expecting it to be longer and wider than the E-Class, while sharing its sibling's higher-end power units, including any engine with an AMG logo on it. That means AMG 63 and AMG 63 S models with up to 603horses. Of course, we could also see a plug-in hybrid version join the rest of the petrol and diesel range, but probably not at first.

As for these images, unfortunately the car remains heavily camouflaged and all we can do is speculate about its exterior and all the clever active safety and connectivity systems that will be present inside.

Once Mercedes do unleash their all-new CLS into the world, it will immediately bump heads with Audi's all-new 2018 A7, which is expected to arrive sometime this year.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops