Marchionne Suggests The California Is Not A "Full-Blown Ferrari"

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Outspoken FCA president and Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne has suggested that the Italian company needs to rethink the California T, as it is not a “full-blown Ferrari”.

During a press conference at the Geneva Motor Show, Marchionne said that the biggest topic of conversation at Ferrari revolves around the California's future.

“The car I’ve had the most difficulty is the California. I bought two of them — I bought the first one and I liked the car very much but it’s the one car that, from an identity standpoint, has the hardest time of seeing itself as a full-blown Ferrari,” he said, according to a Motoring report.

Marchionne suggested that there is a space in Ferrari's arsenal for a vehicle like the California but that the company's interpretation of it may never have been correct.

Ever since launching in 2008, the Ferrari California has been an oddity in Ferrari's range and understandably so. It was originally conceived as a Maserati but became too expensive forcing Ferrari to slap its badge on it.

While the characterful executive didn't drop any hits at the California T being culled, his comments do suggest that it could be re-imagined in the future.