MG Might Be Working On An MX-5 Rival

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There was once a time when MG produced some of the most thrilling, compact sports cars on the market but now, it has nothing but an SUV and two bland small cars in its range.

However, speaking to Motoring, the head of MG Motors Australia Zhu Chao revealed that the company is thinking about launching a new sports car in the vein of the iconic MGA, MGB and MGC.

“We have the sort of understanding that MG is sporty and heritage is important and we’re really serious about that,” he said.

Quizzed about a Mazda MX-5 rival, Chao smirked and said “I cannot talk too much today about that, but we will think about it.”

When pushed, Chao said that the company’s existing platforms wouldn’t allow it to make the sports car rear-wheel drive. However, he did reveal that the Chinese-owned brand is planning a concept but failed to say when it may launch.