Nissan Frontier Has a Future In America, Next Model Will Be a "Real Truck"

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After years of stagnation, the mid-size truck market has sprung back to life thanks to the introduction of newer models such as the Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, and Toyota Tacoma.

This hasn't gone on unnoticed by other automakers as Ford recently announced plans to launch a new Ranger in 2019.

The plethora of new and redesigned models is missing one key player, namely the Nissan Frontier which has largely been untouched since it was introduced over a decade ago. That could soon be changing as Nissan North America's senior vice president of Sales, Marketing, and Operations has confirmed the "Frontier has a future."

Speaking to Autoguide at the New York Auto Show, Christian Meunier suggested the next-generation Frontier wouldn't simply be a renamed version of the Navara offered overseas, as it's a bit of a lifestyle vehicle “like a Honda Ridgeline" and Nissan North America likes "real trucks."

There's no timetable for when a redesigned model could arrive, but Meunier seemed to suggest the company's recent acquisition of Mitsubishi could play a role in shaping the next Frontier. Both companies have extensive experience developing pickups, so a collaboration could be a win-win.

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