This Range Rover's $3.9k Extended Warranty Has Paid For $15k In Repairs

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It is no secret to anyone with knowledge of the automotive industry that vehicles from Land Rover are known for having reliability issues, hence why they’re consistently rated among the market’s least reliable cars.

Consequently, it’s often a very good idea to purchase vehicles from the British automaker, particularly Range Rovers, with extended warranties whenever available. Let Doug DeMuro explain below.

In the video, DeMuro reveals that he purchased a used Range Rover from CarMax about four and a half years ago and coughed up $3,900 for an extended, 6-year warranty. While that seems like a lot, it has paid for itself multiple times over.

In fact, DeMuro’s Range Rover has had so many issues that CarMax has paid out over $15,000 in warranty repairs, a figure significantly more than what the car is even worth.

Sure, extended warranties are often just a way for new and used car dealers to make money. However, they can also prove incredibly useful, particularly if your car is prone to as many issues as a Range Rover.