Highly-Modified Lincoln Zephyr Belongs To Gotham City

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A classic Lincoln Zephyr, in proper running condition, would be good enough for most car guys, but this highly modified example is just out of this world.

Rebuilt from the ground up using a 1939 Zephyr as the foundation stone, it now features a longer, wider, and lower stance, and despite sporting an entirely new appearance, it's still instantly recognizable as a Zephyr.

Inside, it retains the original dashboard, steering wheel, and seats, albeit with a modern touch brought by the black gloss bits, and two-tone leather upholstery that covers pretty much every surface of the seats, doors, and others.

We're not sure what it hides beneath that long bonnet, but since it's able to spit flames from the double exhaust pipes that flank the 'KultLdr' license plate, as revealed in one of the images, we're guessing that the stock 4.4-liter V12 engine, which produced a humble 110 horses, has been replaced by something meaner.

Getting to own this Lincoln Zephyr hot rod will probably require placing another mortgage on your house, and then some, as the car, which is believed to come from Storage Wars' star Barry Weiss' personal collection, could retail from $300,000 to $400,000, at the RMSothebys auction in Santa Monica, California, on June 24-25.