This Wild Creation Is A Jeep Off-Roader For 2035

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In 2035, the automotive industry will be dramatically different to what it is now.

New petrol and diesel vehicles will likely be overtaken by EVs and fully-autonomous cars may become the norm. Will this spell the end of vehicles made for enthusiasts? Probably not, so for his thesis project, budding designer Nak Joong Kim has dreamed up a Jeep off-roader for the year 2035 that could prove to be an exciting sand dune destroyer.

The vehicle has been inspired by people with large social media followings and created for those that love endless adventures. Fittingly, its design would be perfect for those looking to explore, travel and stand out from the pack.

The exterior of Kim’s concept has all the ingredients needed for a capable off-roader including almost non-existent front and rear overhangs, huge ground clearance and a set of wheels and tires that look like they’ve come straight from a Lunar Roving Vehicle freshly back on earth after a trip to the moon.

Inside, the concept features a customizable steering wheel that retracts when the driver wants the autonomous systems to take control. There’s also a set of two streamlined seats.

Just as we’re hopeful that track-focused cars will be produced well into the future, we think carmakers will continue to make vehicles catered towards off-road enthusiasts for decades to come. If they look anything like this in 20 years, we’d be very pleased.