Aston Martin Unveils Updated Valkyrie With Improved Aerodynamics

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Aston Martin has unveiled a near-production version of the Valkyrie.

Described as further developed version of the car that was presented last summer, the updated model has new openings in the body between the cockpit and the front wheel arches. Red Bull Racing's Adrian Newey discovered this change provided "considerable gains in front downforce" so it has been incorporated into the car's design.

The updated Valkyrie has also been equipped with lightweight headlights that draw inspiration from Formula One. As the company explains, the low and high beam elements are attached to an anodized aluminum frame which enables them to be between 30-40 percent lighter than the "lightest series production headlamps available to Aston Martin."

The lightweight design philosophy even carries over to the Valkyrie's badge as designers felt the company's traditional wing logo would be too heavy and a sticker won't proper for an Aston Martin of this caliber. As a result, the model has a chemical etched aluminum badge that is just 70 microns thick.

According to Aston Martin designer Miles Nurnberger, “I would say we’re around 95 percent of the way there with the exterior design. Much of what you see is actually the structure of the car, so this had to be signed-off relatively early in the project. The remaining areas of non-structural bodywork are still subject to evolution and change as Adrian [Newey] continues to explore way of finding more downforce."

Besides featuring new bodywork, the updated Valkyrie has a minimalist interior that has been designed to have enough space for two 98 percentile adults. As part of this goal, the car's seats are mounted directly to the tub and occupants adopt a reclined ‘feet-up’ position reminiscent of today’s Formula One and Le Mans race cars.

The race car inspired design carries over to the steering wheel as it is detachable and holds all of the car's switchgear. The steering wheel also houses an OLED display which provides the driver with all the necessary information.

Drivers will also find two screens mounted close to the base of the A-pillar. They display live footage from two rear facing cameras that are located in the car's flanks.

Aston Martin declined to release technical specifications but the latest rumors suggest the car will have a naturally-aspirated 6.5-liter V12 engine and an electric motor that produce a combined output of approximately 1130 hp (842 kW). The Valkyrie is also expected to be lighter than projected with a curb weight of around 2,270 lbs (1,030 kg).

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