Hennessey Opens Its Drag Strip To Dodge Demon Owners

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The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is so fast that it is banned by the National Hot Rod Association from showing its full potential at drag strips. Fortunately for those lucky owners, John Hennessey has come to the rescue.

The Demon is banned by the NHRA because it is capable of running the quarter mile in 9.65 seconds, a touch under the 9.99 seconds which the association considers the limit. If owners want to exploit the muscle car's full potential, they must have a competition license and equip the Demon with a host of safety equipment, including a roll cage.

In a letter to the head of passenger cars at Fiat Chrysler US, Tim Kuniskis, John Hennessey said he would open up Lonestar Motorsports Park for Demon owners.

“[I was] greatly disappointed to find out that the NHRA has banned the Demon from being able to run to its full potential (9.65secs @ 140mph) at their quarter-mile drag-strips.

“As the president of Lonestar Motorsports Park, we plan to allow Dodge Demon owners to be able to run their vehicles down our quarter-mile drag-strip without a rollcage and/or parachute,” Hennessey said.

The outspoken tuner and car manufacturer says that the only requirement will be for Demon owners to attend a one-day drag racing school to become familiar with driving the muscle car to its limits.