1972 Citroen SM Is As Eccentric As Cars Get On US Roads

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If you're trying to stay as far away from the Camrys and the Jettas of the world as possible, bidding on something like this 1972 Citroen SM should make your day.

According to the Bring a Trailer ad, the car has 71,285 miles (114,722 km) on the clock, a 5-speed manual gearbox, 2.7-liter Maserati V6 engine, plus a couple of new parts to help it run better.

So far, the latest bid has reached $6,000 with 5 days left to go, and whoever ends up owning this car, will be able to drive it, although the ad does state that additional work is required for long distance trips.

The seller adds that the car has been kept in storage long term and that it's been repainted - although a few dents and scratches are still present and visible to the naked eye.

Other issues include the non-functioning front turn signals, a rear turn signal and parking lights, while the main beams are said to go out when the high beams are on.

Inside, the car comes with Tabac leather seats (which show a fair amount of wear), as well as an aftermarket water temperature gauge (non-functional), which has been added along with a couple of mysterious switches. Furthermore, the dome light lens cover is missing, the rear-view mirror is mounted incorrectly, the dashboard lights aren't working and the power windows operate very slowly.

As for the 2.7-liter V6 unit, it features three Weber carburetors and the connecting 5-speed manual gearbox is said to shift well - although "an adjustment is needed to fix the clutch engagement point." The car's future owner will be happy to know that the hydraulic suspension system is also functional.