Sauber Planning Completely Different 2018 F1 Car

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According to Sauber boss Fred Vasseur, a completely new car is being designed for the 2018 F1 season.

The Swiss team will be attempting to close the gap to the midfield, and developing a "completely different" car could be the way to go, especially since next year, the team will be using the latest spec Ferrari engine.

"The car is already in the wind tunnel and I think we are doing a decent job," said Vasseur in an interview with Autosport, while adding that his team's collaboration with Ferrari won't go as far as Haas's arrangement.

"We are still discussing the parameters of the Ferrari collaboration, but [the carry over will be] probably less than 20%. The current one [car] is 2016 so to try and carry over to 2018... we have to start from scratch."

Vasseur also acknowledges that since there won't be any big changes in regulations next year, it will be difficult for his team to compete for the middle of the pack.

As of right now, Sauber is dead last in the 2017 Constructor standings, with just 5 points in 13 races.