Porsche Cayenne Modded by Russia's Status Design

Sometimes, in their attempt to create a proposal uniquely different, tuners go overboard, way overboard. Such seems to be the case with Russian tuner, Status Design and their Porsche Cayenne project that is still in the works. For now, we've only got a trio of renderings to go by, but the aesthetic result is not what we'd call promising. The Russian tuner proposes a 'Fast and Furious' style full bodykit with a completely new front nose, side skirts and even C-pillar wings rounded off by a new set of alloy wheels and two-tone paint schemes. Hit the jump to check out the rest of the pics.

Via: Carmod


Anonymous said... »June 15, 2009

the front end just like a Ferrari F40

CaliDesigner said... »June 15, 2009

I think you mean Enzo, nothing like an F40 dude. Only even like an Enzo because of the suedo formula 1 nose. Just overall bad and wrong.

Anonymous said... »June 15, 2009

"i just wanted to destroy something beautiful"

Anonymous said... »June 15, 2009

haha, beautiful... haha

lazy penguin said... »June 15, 2009

It would look better without the vent on the nose and if the side of the bumper flowed better to the sides.

kopetdag said... »June 15, 2009

Cellica on drugs?

Anonymous said... »June 15, 2009

Has Stefan Lamm got something to do with this??? Didn't know he works for some Russian Tuner

Anonymous said... »June 15, 2009

A bit like the Reventon, but over designed.

Anonymous said... »June 16, 2009

an ugly car to start with an even worse one to finish with!!!!! Why?

Anonymous said... »June 16, 2009

Your just all noobs who are whining about the look.
Just stfu if you don't even have to money to buy it.

I like it GoodJob Russia Status Design!

Anonymous said... »June 09, 2011

The car looks great if some people don't like it is cause they don't have the mone to have one. But is great looking some new to look for . Nothing like we have here ,

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