2020 Hyundai Sonata Turned Fully Autonomous By Russia’s Yandex

Hyundai prototypes fitted with the Russian company’s self-driving software and hardware have started testing.

Renault Arkana Goes On Sale In Russia From Just Under $16,000

Renault’s coupe SUV offers two engine choices, manual and CVT transmissions, as well as front- and all-wheel drive.

Russia’s Chevy Camaro Shock And Black Editions Pack A 238 HP Engine

These four-cylinder Chevrolet Camaro special editions can hardly be called muscle cars anymore.

Russian Makes A U-Turn For His Life After Big Semi Tumbles Over

Seeing an overturned semi truck sliding towards you is not what we’d call a casual occurrence.

TopCar’s McLaren 720S “Fury” Body Kit Is Quite Devilish

The impressive body kit will be made available to customers before the end of 2019.

Two SUVs Escape Head-On Crash, Yet All Is Definitely Not Well

This is why why don’t overtake somebody when you can’t see around the next bend.

Audi Q8 Driver Failed To Keep Her Eyes On The Road And Hands Upon The Wheel

The driver of this luxury SUV quickly regretted looking somewhere in the passenger compartment instead of straight ahead…

Russian Army Cops Attempt 180-Degree Reverse Turn – And Fail Spectacularly

It would seem that the Vesta may not be the best car for attempting these types of stunts.

Hyundai Creta Driver Causes Severe Accident, Flees The Scene On Foot

The Korean crossover clipped a small Chevy hatch and sent it rolling down the road.

Close Call With Sliding Van Force Driver To Take Massive Risk

The driver of the dashcam car was lucky there wasn’t another vehicle right behind the out of control van.

Unmarked Roadworks In Russia Cause Rollover Crash

The driver of the silver car that flipped over didn’t help matters either by not slowing down ahead of time.

Range Rover Sport Driver Takes Out Mercedes SUV In Russia

This chain reaction crash resulted in multiple vehicles being damaged, plus a downed utility pole.