BMW M850i Vs. Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe Drag Race: Davai!*

The M850i and S63 Coupe go head-to-head in Russia – and their race has a clear winner.

Russia Is About To Get Its First Driverless Tram

Official testing of Russia’s first autonomous tram will begin in Moscow in the coming weeks.

This Russian Camel Managed To Pull A Lada Out Of The Snow!

Most drivers brag about their ride’s horsepower, but, evidently, camel power will do just fine.

Russians Stop For A Selfie In A Tunnel, Almost Get Killed By Speeding Truck

Stopping in a tunnel to take some selfies is not the brightest of ideas, as you can see…

Heavily Bent Volvo S60 Gets A New Lease Of Life Thanks To Lone Mechanic

The man needed 60 hours in order to fix the right side of the car, which was completely bent out of shape.

Russian Driver Really Didn’t Want His Kia To Get Towed

This took place in Moscow and only the Kia was hurt in the process.

Fit An Ancient Lada With 38-Inch Wheels? Yep, That’ll Be Great!

Huge wheels on an very old Lada? Sure, why not said a couple of Russian mechanics.

Custom Lada Niva 6×6 Pickup Is A Poor Man’s Mercedes-AMG G63 6×6

Third axle or not, the Niva is a very primitive machine, but it’ll cost you just $7,250.

Confused 1980s Camaro Modded To Look Like A 2010s 5th Gen Model

The seller is willing to part with the car only because he was unable to finish the project.

Watch Russian Mechanic Bring Wrecked BMW X5 Back To Life

After watching this video, you’ll probably have second thoughts about buying that used car you’ve been looking at.

Lada Niva 6×6 Built By Two Russians Is A Rather Unusual Project

As 6×6 SUVs tend to cost a whole lotta money, a couple of mechanics decided to make a much cheaper one themselves.

Russia’s Latest Trick Is The Disappearing Crossover

An impatient driver and a snow covered median are a bad combination.