Russia’s Updated 2020 Skoda Rapid Arriving Soon With Scala Design Cues

The renderings envision the 2020 Skoda Rapid production model featuring design cues from the Scala compact hatch.

2020 Skoda Rapid Gets A New Lease On Life In Russia

Skoda says the 2020 Rapid is new and will debut at the end of the year in Russia.

For $850,000, This Awesome BvS Batmobile Replica Could Be Yours

The Batmobile was created by tuner Fast Boom Pro to look like the Batman v Superman car.

Porsche Panamera LWB Goes Full Sports Limo With A Little Help From TopCar

This Porsche Panamera Turbo Executive is wearing TopCar’s carbon fiber widebody Stingray GTR kit.

This Mercedes-Benz S500 Monster Truck Is Here To Show The G-Class A Thing Or Two

Be the talk of the town with this Mercedes-Benz S500 transformed into an off-road weapon.

Two Ladas Collide At High Speed, One Of Them Rolls Over As A Result

Two Ladas going way over the speed limit and one of them making an extremely aggressive move; small surprise it turned out badly.

Cammer Masterfully Avoids Tumbling Dump Truck In Russia

The dump truck thankfully didn’t hit any cars once it broke through to the opposite lane.

Thou Shall Not Pass! Ukrainian Driver Meets The Boom Gate From Hell

The boom gate stood its ground and caused a surprising amount of damage to the Chevrolet Kalos sedan.

Thor’s Beard! Lightning Strikes RAV4 Twice, No One Gets Hurt

Contrary to the old saying, lightning can occasionally strike twice in the same place, though on stationary objects and not a moving vehicle.

Toyota Camry Driver Loses Control While Chasing BMW 5-Series, Crashes Big Time

The scary high-speed crash took place in Russia and, thankfully, there were no casualties despite its severity.

Drift Fail: BMW 5-Series Crashes Into Half A Dozen Parked Cars

The accident took place in Yaroslavl, Russia, and five vehicles stationary were damaged in total.

Chevy Cruze Driver Causes Head-On Collision With Suicidal Overtake

The accident occurred earlier this week in Arkhangelsk, Russia, and despite its severity, both drivers got out alive.