Massive Accident Involving Multiple Vehicles Is Scary To Watch

A driver lost control and caused a multiple vehicle collision in Votkinsk, Russia.

Volvo XC60 Driver Thinks He’s Playing GTA, Weaves And Crashes

Talk about being in a hurry to get nowhere – the person driving this Volvo SUV wasn’t getting past this intersection anyway.

Russian Startup Aviar Motors Wants To Build This 840 HP Electric Mustang

The retro-styled electric muscle car is claimed to go from 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) in just 2.2 seconds.

Out Of Control Car Clips Audi A7 And Smashes Into Cammer

Although the road was wet, sparks from the rear left side of the Skoda might indicate a mechanical failure.

Russian Welds 3,000 Nails To Steel Wheels, Uses Them As Snow Tires

This gives a whole new meaning to the “tough as nails” expression.

Traffic Cheater Meets His Match In Russia, Is Forced Back In Line

This may not be the best way to make cheaters think twice before cutting in line but it sure was effective.

Head-On Collision With Car Causes Semi Truck To Burst Into Flames

A runaway wheel caused a sedan to collide with a semi truck in Russia, resulting in the latter catching fire.

Police Can’t Stop Play As Snow Drifters Go Sideways Right In Front Of Them

When the police officers stopped two of them, the rest started driving around in a circle and drift in defiance .

Man Sleeping In Car Awakes Just In Time To Flee Burning Car

Apparently people did try to wake him up and get him out, but were unsuccessful.

Aurus Senat Sold Out For 2019 And 2020, European Debut Confirmed For Geneva

The Russian state will buy half of the 2019 production run, despite the Senat carrying a starting price of around $152,000.

Two Cars Collide On Crosswalk, Pedestrian Barely Escapes Being Hit

The woman crossing the street was incredibly lucky not to get hit by either of the two vehicles.

Impatient Mercedes Driver Gets Hit By Instant Karma – And A Bus

After getting hit by the bus, the Mercedes SUV got stuck on a light pole.