Aurus Senat Convertible Prototypes Spotted At Russian Parade Rehearsal

The Aurus convertibles were driving in plain sight, albeit under heavy camouflage.

Porsche Cayenne Coupe Flexes Arches With TopCar’s Wide Body Kit

This is the Russian tuner’s idea of how the Cayenne Coupe should look like.

Vladimir Putin Inaugurates First Mercedes-Benz Factory In Russia

Mercedes’ Moscovia plant has kicked off production of the E-Class sedan for the Russian market.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo Drag Races Lamborghini Urus – And The Winner Is…

The Urus is, on paper, the fastest of the two, but does the Cayenne go down without a fight?.

Generation Gap: Mercedes-AMG G63 Drag Races Its Predecessor

On paper, the new G63 is slightly more powerful than the old, but how do those two perform in the real world?.

New Aurus Arsenal: Is This The Rolls-Royce (Clone) Of Minivans?

Russia’s ultra luxury brand has showed of its minivan and hinted they’re going racing.

Ford Set To Exit Passenger Car Market In Russia

Ford will significantly restructure its Sollers joint venture in Russia to focus on commercial vehicles.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Meets BMW X5 M In Super SUV Drag Race

Is the 575PS BMW X5 M a match for Jeep’s 716PS Grand Cherokee Trackhawk? Find out here.

Who Knew A Wooden Log Could Also Work As A Spare Wheel?

Instead of calling a two truck, this Russian decided to replace a missing wheel with… a log.

Opel Returns To Russia Thanks To Market Rebound, May Build Cars There

The PSA-owned automaker hopes to repeat its Ukraine success story in Mother Russia.

Police Officer Barely Escapes Getting Hit By Sliding Box Truck

This could have ended very badly, yet despite the severity of the accident, no one was injured.

BMW M850i Vs. Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupe Drag Race: Davai!*

The M850i and S63 Coupe go head-to-head in Russia – and their race has a clear winner.