Found for Sale: 1987 Yugo GV Sport with only 1,800 miles


This hardly ever used 1987 Yugo GV Sport (don't take the "Sport" part of the name seriously), which has seen a mere 1,800 miles on the road, is up for sale by a Las Vegas car dealer. The asking price is $14,500, which is a long way off from the car's original sticker in the late 1980s.

The Yugo's short-lived American career started back in the mid 1980s, when Malcolm Bricklin, the automotive entrepreneur responsible for the introduction of several foreign brands to the American public including Subaru and Fiat, had another bright idea; to import the then communist-made Yugo subcompact hatch from [what is now former] Yugoslavia into the heart of Ronald Reagan's America.

The Yugo, which was based on the mechanics and platform of the 1970s Fiat 127, was presented in the U.S. in the summer of 1985 with a dirt-cheap price tag of just $3,990. In the beginning, customers loved it and it looked like Bricklin had hit it, with sales peaking at 48,500 units in 1987.

However, America's cult love-affair with the cheapest car in the market quickly dried out after customers realized that they got what they paid for with sales plundering to just under 4,000 units in 1991, the last year the Yugo was imported to the States.

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Anonymous said... »July 22, 2010

The spare tire is stored in the engine compartment. FOLMAO!?!?!?!

Anonymous said... »July 22, 2010

dobar,dobar,... hocu i ja jedan !

Anonymous said... »July 23, 2010


Anonymous said... »July 23, 2010

1700 miles is as far as it could go b4 it broke down......I worked at a new car dealership where we sold these back in the late 80's......some wouldn't even run as new cars !!

Kr3tz said... »July 23, 2010

Correct me if I'm wrong, but imo console has hole behind just like the new Volvos. :>

Anonymous said... »July 24, 2010

14,500 FOR A YUGO ???????? LMFAO I guess if fools buy those dangerous Toyota's and lexus stuff from toyota with a highly shakey reputation as of late in the last 10 to five years with crappy stuff , then there are fools that would buy this yugo!

Anonymous said... »October 18, 2010

Any of you posting here actually *own* one? I didn't think so.

Anonymous said... »April 29, 2011

the spare being in the engine compartment was common with Suburus, (spelling?). As for the 14,500 asking price, it should be 14 dollars and 50 cents. I can think of much better cars you can buy for that kind of money

manta9527 said... »July 04, 2011

I ran across a few YouTube videos where people who owned Yugos turned them into tuner cars. They probably knew how to address the Yugo's problems better than the factory. Maybe the Zastava company should have hired them, eh? :)

Anonymous said... »July 24, 2011

$14,500?? Are you nuts??? Nobody will EVER pay that!!! I'll be fair and give you $300.

Mig said... »September 23, 2011

Exactly. I owned one for several years and loved the car. EVERYONE that bashed it then never even owned or drove one... just opinions. People have this sort of diarrhea of the mouth... spews crap without their own control. I guess ignorance is bliss.

Dave said... »September 23, 2011

You're kidding......are you not.

Anonymous said... »October 07, 2011

I had one it was a great little car I wish I still had it but it had no air but had heat.

Corey lachance said... »October 27, 2011

i want to buy this car but its no where near worth 14,500 my older brother had one brand new and only bayed 1000 for it so now i woulnd even pay that i would only pay like 300 for it maybe 500

Anonymous said... »October 28, 2011

You're all idiots.

Frank said... »December 22, 2011

I had one ! It fell apart LMAO !! Was good for driving on sidewalks though :)

Anonymous said... »January 27, 2012

I had one too....yup fell was like the adobe clay car from sat nite live....
I called it a marshmallow but it was really a lemon.....i remember pushing more than driving it
And what bout gascap...i used to goto full service cuz I couldnt get cap off...they couldnt either...but itd fall off on highway....
Let me say I can laugh now....

guest said... »January 28, 2012

I remember those. I would so totally drive that thing, just for the quirk factor.

Billy_stewart1 said... »February 03, 2012

you all know my parents had two of them they actually were really good cars with the most metal in the body at the time heck they even wrecked on and it took out a pathfinder hardbody the yugo drove home after but the pathfinder didnt if you knew how to work on them they are great little cars with excelent gas miliage and they last if you do the maintence when your supposed to yeah i agree the price on this one is to high but i would buy on if i could find one 

Daniel Zivotic said... »February 16, 2012

i <3 this car

Pastor Gary said... »March 07, 2012

had 150.000 on my gv still got 46 mpg till body gave out would love to have another one.

Matthew Herndon said... »June 17, 2012

I am looking for either a whole car or parts for a yugo for my grandmothers 88 yugo she would love to get it up and running so she can drive it. It used to belong to my grandpa but he passed away. So if you would contact me on my e-mail its or call my grandma at 816-230-6217 her name is Cheryl thanks.

DaveP in Ohio said... »July 08, 2012

Just bought my second one... My son has an 87 and I now have an 88.  Didn't pay anywhere's near that much for the pair... $600 a piece!  Underneath it all they are a Fiat made in the former Yugoslavia under license.  Yes, they can be turned into performance cars, Many Fiat motors and parts bolt right in.  Look up Abarth and you will find what these unloved little cars could become!

Pwnxcz said... »October 20, 2012

I own one right now, best car i own. Cheap to fix and doenst brake down at all. new fords, chevys, toyotas and all these other new car brands brake so easily. There check engine lights are always on. And dont say im stupid for saying that because i know i own a VW, Mercedes, Ford, and chevy right now and there repair costs are rediculous. This car (yugo) is bashed by people who never drove one, people didnt take care of them thats why they broke down so much. That guy that commented that "he worked on them" is retarded. 

Rich Faraone said... »February 04, 2013

I had one! It was basically a Fiat 187 remade and licensed by Fiat. It got me back and forth from New Orleans to Baton Rouge at 70-75mph for a year without a single problem! 40,000 problem free miles (and it was extremely comfortable on the inside for such a small car), got great gas mileage and drove well. $0.0875/mile is pretty good for a commuter that cost $2,900 on sale brand new! I would love to see you find a comparable commuter today! Good luck with that! My sister had one she also got on sale after me for $2800 and she got 80,000 miles out of it problem free. Mine was a 1991 GV with the 1.1L 4-speed. Oil changes and tune-ups were all these things needed to give you good service. I sold mine for $2500 in 1992 and my neighbor's son used it to go back and forth to school for 3 more years without any problems. People that hate on them never owned one.

Anonymous said... »April 03, 2013

Hi,Zastava company dint stop to make dise car by I think 2010.Only name was different.TEMPO.

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