Knight Rider KITT Replica up for Auction on eBay

Found for sale on eBay is a reproduction -and a quite convincing one at that- of one of the biggest icons of our childhood: the Knight Industries Two Thousand, or as most of you know it, K.I.T.T.
Like the original car used in the Knight Rider series during the ’80s, this here replica is based on a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am and comes with all the cosmetic bells and whistles of the TV car including the cool to look at, but far from practical, cut steering wheel and electronic displays on the dashboard that lights up like a Christmas tree.
Under the hood, there’s a rebuilt 355 cubic inch (5.8-liter) small block Chevy V8, claimed by the seller to produce somewhere around 400-horsepower. The ‘Buy it Now’ price on eBay Motors is $27,000.
Link: eBay

  • anonymous

    Why do you sell this? Tired of it?

  • Syed Akbar Anjum

    I live in 36 Shirley road shrewsbury Massachusetts and my zip code is 01545 my cell number is 508-612-5622 that’s my cell is this car for sale kitt and I give you my address I’m huge fan of kitt. Could I talk to kitt my cell is 508-612-5622

  • mikeyfatass

    does it change to turbo mode?

  • anonymous

    30 grand is not bad for this car. It would be a lot more realistic if it had the sensor bar that was posistioned just under the front bumber.

  • Arch Stanton

    To anyone who even looks at this.

    Things not told but must be experienced.

    Reaching behind steering yoke to change signals, start car or run radio or AC.

    Clearance of Yoke smacks you in the balls when turning corners.
    Hard time getting in and out.
    No power under the hood with stock 305
    Unless it is mint expect leaks from T-Tops.
    99% of the lights there are just lights and no function.

    Nope, $30k is a ripoff for what is nothing more than a 1980’s trans am F-Body that fishtails on wet surfaces because it is front heavy rear wheel drive.

    It was a garbage car and just because some dude throws a few fancy looking parts on it does not elevate a $600 80’s piece of junk to $30K.