Pontiac Solstice gets an Engine Transplant from a Toyota Supra

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In the world of engine swaps, anything goes but it’s always nice to see people experimenting with different kind of builds. For Car Lounge forum member ‘Phlow’, the patient was a Pontiac Solstice roadster with a weak heart - or so to say.

While most physicians would prescribe a local LS V8 transplant, this doctor went for something more exotic, to be precise a 2JZ, which is a code name for the Toyota Supra’s twin-turbocharged inline-six.

Phlow explains the reasoning behind his decision to choose the Supra powerplant in one his posts:

“[The] Reason for the swap is that the Solstice Aisin AR5 transmission bolts right up to the 2JZ via a 1jz bellhousing. It's basically an updated Aisin r154 they shoved into supra's. Also, the motor mounts up to the LNF motor mount's, which was really weird, and it sits in just the right place. Moreover, LS' have been done, I'm pretty positive this is the first JZ swap into a Kappa platform to my knowledge in the world.

The Supra-powered Pontiac Solstice project is still in the works, but we’ll keep you posted for any updates.

Source: The Car Lounge / Phlow