Acura Has Restomodded Its First SUV With Modern Guts, Including Torque Vectoring AWD

This 1997 Acura SLX is heading to Radwood, packing a 350 HP 2.0-liter turbo engine from an RDX.

This Kiwi Shop Is Building An IndyCar-Powered Ferrari 458 Race Car

The Chevrolet IndyCar V8 from the early 2000s pumps out 700 hp and revs to 10,000 rpm.

1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Woody Looks All Original But Hides 707 HP Hellcat V8

This Jeep Grand Wagoneer with a Hellcat engine is for sale at an auction in Saudi Arabia.

VW Electrifies Classic 1972 Type 2 Bus With The Help Of EV West

The VW Type 2 Bus can now drive silently and without emissions for 125 miles.

Dominic Toretto’s 2,250 HP ’68 Dodge Charger ‘Maximus’ From Furious 7 Is For Sale

One of the most impressive movie cars in recent history is ready for a new home.

Restomod 1961 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Is Bound To Split Opinions

This Cadillac Coupe DeVille features a brand new V8 engine and a custom paint job.

This Porsche 911 Turbo-Powered VW T5 Bus Has A Central Driving Position

Buying this VW T5 will cost you more than a brand new 911 Turbo.

Christine-Inspired 1958 Plymouth Fury With 1,000 HP Will Scare The Hellephant Out Of You

The 1958 Plymouth Fury in question takes inspiration from the 1983 horror film Christine.

World’s Only AWD Mazda RX-7 With A 4-Rotor Engine Edges Closer To Completion

Following years of development, Rob Dahm’s insane RX-7 sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

1969 Chevy Camaro Gets The Chip Foose Touch With New Chassis, V8 And More

Packing a 650HP LT4 crate V8 on a new chassis, this 1969 Chevrolet Camaro demands respect.

Ford Restomods Jay Leno’s Classic 1968 Bronco With Shelby GT500 Predator V8 (New Pics + Video)

Who needs a classic Bronco with 760 horsepower? Jay Leno, apparently.

Tesla-Swapped Porsche 911 E-RWB Joins The Electric Side At SEMA

Is it ethical to put an electric motor into a classic 1977 Porsche 911? That is the question.