BMW 740i With Supercharged E39 M5 V8 Swap Sounds Awesome

BMW may have never offered a proper M7, so someone decided to build one on his own.

Speedkore’s Carbon-Clad ’70 Dodge Charger EVO And Mustang Boss 302 Are Pure Awesomeness

It’s not just the carbon bodywork, it’s also the 966hp Demon engine hiding under the bonnet.

573HP VW Transporter With Porsche 911 Turbo Engine Is VW Group Synergy At Its Best

Obviously, it’s not an official VW Group project but it’s so well executed it might as well be.

Chevy Sonic Tired Of Econobox Life, Switches To LS3 V8 And Rallycross

A widebody Chevrolet Sonic, an LS3 V8, and all-wheel drive; what’s not to like?.

Swapping A Twin-Turbo V6 Into This Honda S2000 Was A Work Of Art

Instead of a 2.0-liter inline-four, this highly customized Honda S2000 packs a 3.2-liter twin-turbo V6 (and a whole lot more).

Here Are Five Cars We Want To See Powered By Dodge’s ‘Hellephant’ V8 (Tell Us Yours Too!)

Mopar’s new Hellephant crate engine could become the go-to for insane engine swaps.

New 1,000 HP Dodge ‘Hellephant’ Crate Engine Roars In 1968 Charger

The new ‘Hellephant’ crate engine will turn every car into a monster with its 1,000hp and 950lb-ft of torque.

Icon’s Electric 1949 Mercury Coupe Has Tesla Batteries And Freight-Train Torque

Icon’s latest creation is the coolest way to save the environment.

Oh, Russia: MIG-23 Jet-Powered BMW E30 3 Series Is Uselessly Awesome

Talented Russian mechanic transplants the auxiliary power unit from a MIG-23 onto an E30 3 Series.

Kia Van Becomes The Ultimate Sleeper With V12 LS

Where else but Australia could a V12 LS-powered Kia van be built?.

This 1972 Dino “Monza 3.6 Evo” Is A 400HP Restomodded Work Of Art

Spending a million dollars results in a non-original, but much better, Ferrari Dino .

Dropping A BMW V10 Into A Lotus Elise Sounds Like The Stuff Of Legends

This stretched Lotus looks like a Hennessey Venom, only it has a BMW V10 and it was built by a single man.