The Dark Knight and Catwoman Show Off Their New Rides


Work on Christopher Nolan's next Batman film called "The Dark Knight Rises" is well underway with the movie crew currently filming in Pittsburgh.

To our delight, we now have some fresh footage of Batman's new toys that include the never before seen Batwing hovering or rather being carried around by a large truck, as well as his trusted Tumbler.

The Batwing is pretty impressive in these amateur videos and it will probably look even better after the special effects are added in.

Finally, we also get to see some scenes with the sensual Catwoman played by Anne Hathaway on her new blacked-out motorcycle. Enjoy the videos below.

Via Youtube/ Subaruwrxfan



Guest said... »August 17, 2011

cat woman's ass is soooooo HOT.

Yo said... »August 17, 2011

7th video 

SgtBeavis said... »August 17, 2011

HOT doesn't serve that ass the proper justice.

Francesco said... »August 18, 2011

madò, che sedere!

Cc said... »August 18, 2011

that is NOT Anne Hathaway. Right?

Coolvideos said... »August 18, 2011

7th video

I never would've guessed that everything Batman uses its powered by a Boxer engine.

dubfun said... »August 18, 2011

Cat Woman.  MEOOOOOWWWW!!!

Wyzgy said... »August 18, 2011

No, that's not Anne Hathaway, Catwoman...that's someone else, Stuntwoman.

Sidd Finn said... »August 20, 2011

I also heard this
news in this blog Anne
Hathway the New Cat Woman
Anne Hathaway is a versatile actress.

I know that she can
do it. Anne is indeed one of the things that you should

watch out for in Dark Knight Rises. Will Be watching it for sure! 

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