Michael Schumacher Drives an SLS AMG Upside Down in a Tunnel


He may not be in his prime, but he is a seven-time Formula 1 world champion and currently holds nearly every record there is in the sport.

Love him or hate him, Michael Schumacher had the guts to make a comeback after a three-year absence and at the age of 43, instead of basking in his glory and wealth, he’s fighting the young guns in tracks around the world.

Joining Mercedes GP was kind of like going back to his roots. In 1990, Schumacher, along with Heinz-Harald Frentzen and Karl Wendlinger, was a member of the Mercedes junior racing program at the World Sports Prototype Championship and drove the Sauber-Mercedes-Benz C291.

In F1, promotional events go with the territory and Schumi was the natural choice for Mercedes-Benz’s commercial for its top-of-the-range sports car [Ed. note: this ad was first released in 2010].

The model in question is the SLS AMG Coupe and Herr Schumacher is doing a loop in a tunnel while a rescue team is watching intensely.

You can view the video of Schumi doing a Maverick (for those of you who remember Top Gun) impersonation behind of the wheel of the SLS AMG right after the jump.

By Andrew Tsaousis



aaronbbrown said... »September 25, 2012

I call bull shit on this, obvious Bull shit.

O2 said... »September 25, 2012

this ad is about 2 years old

Anonymous said... »September 25, 2012

Good job Aaron gets a cookie

Guest said... »September 25, 2012

No way the SLS could generate that mush down force

Lord said... »September 26, 2012

One of the coolest with one of the coolest car in the planet!!

Yavor Trassiev said... »September 26, 2012

You must be some sort of physics superhero. Maybe Captain Obvious?

jarooo4 said... »September 26, 2012

This add is so old... congratulations Carscoop :]

MikeyOrange said... »September 26, 2012

This really did happen... It's on the Trans-Canada highway in the Fraser Canyon, British Columbia. Driven the road many many times.

RS4 said... »September 26, 2012

It is Schumacher only in the stills.

Bob Willson said... »September 26, 2012

Have to say, I rarely come to Car scoop these days. All these seem to post is in-dash video footage?? It's a shame, just to be a good site - know it just the Youtube for capturing Idiots on the road on . . . .

Ajk7244 said... »September 27, 2012

The article states that this ad is from 2010.

jarooo4 said... »September 28, 2012

So? I doesn't change the fact that the article is from 2012...
I think you wouldn't be happy to buy new magazine with photos of a "new car"... except that it was shown two years ago. This add was very popular when Michael came back to F1. Showing it now is just hilarious and unprofessional.

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