Santa Gets An Upgrade In The Form Of A Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Sleigh

Santa’s new sleigh packs 797 hp and has a top speed of 203 hp.

Bad Timing? BMW Spot Shows 8-Series Driving On Venice Canals As City Is Under Water

The spectacular commercial gets released just as Venice sees some of the worst floods in recent history.

Watch A Pumped Up Dolph Lundgren Train Volvo’s New Excavators

Have you ever seen an excavator doing pull-ups? Leave it to 1980s action movie titan Dolph Lundgren.

People Are Angry At Toyota Over New Egyptian Fortuner Ad, Say It’s Sexist

The ad was released last month and has since become controversial, with many claiming gender discrimination.

New Porsche Panamera GTS Makes Dynamic Debut In Official Launch Film

The recently launched GTS will be available with both body styles and is powered by a 453 HP twin-turbo V8.

Audi Q8 Embarks On Middle East Adventure, Goes Drifting In The Desert

How do you have fun with a 340 PS sporty SUV? Well, taking it to the dunes and sliding is a good choice.

Audi Outdo Themselves With Awesome ‘Escape’ A8 L Commercial

The Audi A8 is so comfortable, it can make you forget you’re in the middle of a battle.

New Tacoma Is As Tough As Chuck Norris In Toyota Ad

The Tacoma is ‘Chuck Norris Approved’ – and more, which you can check at the video.

Lewis Hamilton Leads The Mercedes-AMG GT Pack In New 4-Door Coupe

The video stars the F1 champ, road-going and racing GTs, both coupe and 4-Door, and… some plush toys.

British Watchdog Bans VW City Car Ad For Encouraging ‘Irresponsible Driving’

Watch the banned Volkswagen Polo commercial here and judge for yourself.

New BMW X5 Makes Dynamic Video Debut In Official Launch Film

The fourth-gen X5 is more mature and versatile than ever and is priced closely to its predecessor .

Toyota Claims 2019 Avalon Is All About Authenticity And Excitement

Toyota’s marketing campaign for the new Avalon is about not taking life too seriously.