Designer Reimagines Fiat 127 for the 21st Century as the 500's Big Brother


The Fiat 127 was a replacement for the pretty 850, and it was built between 1971 and 1983, when it was replaced by the Uno. It followed a simple design strategy of clean shapes and lines with good proportions. This is why if you see one on the street today, particularly in a nice color, you will notice it.

Now the 127 has been reimagined for the 21st century as a big brother to the successful 500, and could theoretically be built, as it has been designed to not only look as close as possible to the original model, but to also be built on the same platform that underpins the Fiat Punto and Alfa Romeo MiTo. It is the work of David Obendorfer, who also gave us this modern Renault 4.

It is impressive how he has managed to keep the important styling cues, and not make their inclusion in the overall design in any way contrived – this is genuinely a good-looking car. What's more interesting is that, it would also make sense for Fiat to build it. Allow us elaborate.

Fiat is clearly good at making small cars, and this 127 is not only appealing aesthetically, but the Italians would not have to sink too much money into it as they could use an existing platform. The local Italian market would probably go crazy if something like this were to be built. Unfortunately, since Fiat is not at its strongest now, the odds of the modern 127 sub-compact hatch becoming a reality are extremely slim.

By Andrei Nedelea

Photo Credits: David Obendorfer via Designboom




pcurve said... »March 21, 2013

The face isn't jiving with body... not exactly imaginative design.

gzaam said... »March 21, 2013

great design, you look at it and you know that it is undoubtedly 127

cxv said... »March 21, 2013

Build it!

500normal said... »March 21, 2013

this design is great. if this was production, i would definitely sell my 500 and get one of these ... i see so much potential for customization, rpecially if its 4wd

Earl said... »March 21, 2013

Odd design. Blend of old and new. Looks like a car trying to decide if it wants to remain in the past or move into the future.

Merc1 said... »March 21, 2013

Stunning retro, build it.


The Man said... »March 22, 2013

Ha ha, I just commeneted that if they revived Saab, they shoud have a super mini. That looks like a Saab super mini. Be sure to give it the 2,0 Turbo from Alfa Romeo, then it will be a legend.

marc said... »March 22, 2013

great !!!

me said... »March 22, 2013


☆ CARS and CHIPS© ☆ said... »March 22, 2013

The name of this New FIAT is "LaFIAT"... :D

max said... »March 22, 2013

so it's time redesign even the lada niva

Bruno Silva said... »March 22, 2013

Congratulations to the designer. Really nice work.

Petr SmolĂ­k said... »March 22, 2013


Coll Raceovski said... »March 22, 2013

Great Homage!!! Fiat would never think about their iconic models, except for the 500 model, only after new Beetle and co. emerged.

markymarklima said... »March 22, 2013

Top job! I would seriously consider buying that as my daily commute! Brilliant design. Don't water down the cioncept though FIAT

lacutis2012 lacutis said... »March 22, 2013

WOW... I just love it...i can see myself owning one for sure....

KeR said... »March 22, 2013

Very beautiful !

Blayke A. Fish said... »March 22, 2013

Amusing how this one has the split front headlamps, considering the upcoming Jeep Cherokee's double headlamp design. Not intentional, I'm sure but now the 127 would have a styling cousin!

Fredrik said... »March 22, 2013

I want one :-)

silvio said... »March 22, 2013

molto carina

psiqtas said... »March 22, 2013

Hm, I could come straight from Turin, because of its goofy headlights remind the wicked 2014 Jeep Cheroke front-end...

Jake said... »March 22, 2013

Love it!

playleautoimagery said... »March 23, 2013

Yes! A great modern take of the 127.

Sushi Ninja said... »March 24, 2013

And imagine an Abarth SS version...

JK said... »March 24, 2013

love cars .gr said... »March 24, 2013

One of the smartest reimagined..
It's very similar with audi A1.. but 127 will hold history!
Ofcourse.. build it!!

Wandering_Spirit said... »March 24, 2013

Very well balanced lines, a nice reinterpretation. Also the dashboard is a modern version of the old one. I'd add the 3 gauges for oil, etc. below the central console in sportier versions and would make some spiced up versions too. I'd honestly buy it for daily commuting. My best compliments to the designer. Wonder why Fiat doesn't have as good.

Nate said... »March 24, 2013

Would have included more Series III or 147 elements as well as make sure the handling is up to par against the Fiesta ST and Mini Cooper S, as that is an area Fiat seems to be lacking in.

Leta said... »March 25, 2013

looks good

Ahmed Mansour Farag said... »March 26, 2013

how can i get one and how cost ????

Mark Yuri Stephens said... »March 29, 2013


euro206 said... »April 14, 2013

Very impressed by the ability of the designer to maintain the beautiful design concept of the original and channel that to a new age version while holding on to its main cues. I would sell my Mini Cooper for this one if it stays at 90% of the concept and its built with quality materials. Give it a 6sp manual and a peppy motor and just let me know where to sign.

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