Absolutely Mental Nissan Rogue Warrior Concept Debuts With Snow Tracks

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While the world has been focused on the Detroit Auto Show, it may surprise some that the Montreal International Auto Show is also underway in Canada.

While it hasn't attracted a huge range of bold production and concept cars like NAIAS, Nissan has debuted a very special car at the show, dubbed the Rogue Warrior Concept.

The car has been created to deal with the snowiest conditions of Canada and rather than wheels, rolls on a snow track system, similar to Ken Block's unique RaptorTRAX off-roader. The tracks themselves are 48-inches long, 30-inches tall and 15-inches wide and add a whole range of capabilities a standard Rogue could never dream of matching.

Beyond this rather major change, the vehicle also has a new suspension system giving it a massive 23 inches of ground clearance. Thanks to that key figure and the limitless grip provided by the snow tracks, it can climb a 45 degree snow-filled slope and even reach speeds of up to 100 km/h.

According to director of marketing at Nissan Canada Steve Rhind “When the all-wheel drive system on the Rogue and Nissan's advanced Xtronic transmission are matched with snow tracks, it results in something spectacular – a Rogue capable of overcoming severe, off-road winter conditions."