Canadian Police Want Your Help Identifying This Ford Driver Who Caused A Crash

Dashcam footage shows the Ford Focus driver brake checking a sedan and sending it spinning out of control.

Original 1990 Nissan 240SX With 41k Miles For $5.5k Sounds Tempting

With a single owner since new, original condition and a $5,500, it’s for sale in Canada.

GM Turns Oshawa Plant Into Parts Manufacturing And Autonomous Vehicle Test Site

GM will invest $126 million in the transformation of the Oshawa plant and retain 300 jobs .

If You Wanna Make A Right Turn, Better Stick To The RIGHT – And Check Your Mirrors

This crash took place in Ontario, Canada – and it was caused by a pretty basic, and silly, mistake.

Ford Scaling Back 5.0L V8 Production For F-150 Trucks As Demand Drops

Ford will cut one shift at the Essex Engine Plant in Canada to adjust to dwindling demand.

Tesla’s Latest Model 3 Has A Range Of Just 93 Miles – But There’s A Catch

In order to circumvent Canadian restrictions on EV rebates, Tesla has introduced a car they hope no one buys.

North American Lexus NX To Be Built In Canada From 2022

This will be the first time Lexus’ compact SUV will be manufactured outside its home country.

Pontiac Firefly With Chevy 5.7L V8, RWD Is A Mouse With A Lion’s Roar

A V8-powered Pontiac supermini from the ’80s? Yep, and it’s for sale.

Canadian Sets A Dozen Cars On Fire, Gets Tackled To The Ground By Bystanders

The 22 year old has been charged with 14 different counts of arson.

North America’s Getting 110 Alfa Romeo Giulia & Stelvio Quadrifoglio NRing Editions

Prices start from $91,285 for Alfa Romeo’s Guilia QV and from $97,485 for the Stelvio QV.

Thousands Of Cars Were Easy Pray For Hackers Due To MyCar Security Blunder

Hackers could gain control over vulnerable vehicles, locate, unlock them and start their engines.

New 2019 Audi Q3 Starts From $38,900 In Canada, Will U.S. Price Be Similar?

The entry-level 2019 Audi Q3 comes standard with all-wheel drive.