All-New Mercedes E-Class Demonstrates Remote Parking Pilot

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Leave it to Mercedes to show off one of their cars' clever systems while making said car seem like the ultimate prize as far as luxury and convenience are concerned.

First it was BMW with their all-new 7-Series luxury saloon, and now it's Mercedes and their all-new E-Class. Both cars share not only similar technologies, but also similar videos as far as promoting those technologies.

What you're looking at is a well-scripted demonstration of the Remote Parking Pilot, which can make life easier for the owner of the car by not having him do all the "dirty work", which until recently was considered normal - actually physically getting in your car in order to take it out of the garage or a tight parking pot, regardless of how inconvenient it was.

Now, we're heading headlights-first into a brave new world where our personal cars will transition from the vehicle they once were, to somewhat of an accessory.

The video also shows off Rear Cross Traffic Alert, which is by no means a brand new feature in the automotive industry, but receiving an alert and having the car brake by itself if there's an immediate and hidden danger the driver can't pick up on, would be a prized addition to any car's options list.

Finally, Mercedes points out the fact that the all-new E-Class can park itself, but if you're any sort of car enthusiast, you'll probably not show a lot of...enthusiasm regarding this particular feature since it's been around for almost a decade.