Bentley Continental GT Black Speed For Down Under Looks Sinister

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Bentley has given its customers in Australia And New Zealand a special edition of the Continental GT Speed with a unique black and red color scheme.

Called the Black Speed, it will be produced in a limited run of 10 with all examples expected to be taken up very quickly.

Starting from the outside, the styling package adds side-skirts, finished in a deep red which also features in the rear diffuser, front grill highlights and a hand-painted pinstripe following the contours of the vehicle. It also comes with 21-inch alloy wheels in (a Bentley-first) gloss black finish, plus darkened head- and taillights.

Moving inside, there are embroidered seats and door trims, while the "Engine Spin" finished aluminum trim on the central fascia is a distinctive anodized red hue. Red highlights are also included on the hand-stitched steering wheel as well as the bespoke Breitling clock, which features a red bezel with contrasted black face.

The Black Speed is priced from $525,000 AUD. You surely will add the optional carbon ceramic brake rotors, won't you, so let's make it aa nice, round $600,000 AUD.

“There is a big difference between fashionable and stylish,” continuing with: “Fashionable is bodykits, getting a spoiler put on your car aftermarket, fashionable is to say that it's a trend or a fad", Bentley’s Asia-Pacific Sales Manager, David Simpson, said. "Stylish is something that is unique and it lives within someone and style is timeless. It's probably the most aggressive car that we've made.”

Make what you will of that. He is right, though - this Continental GT is definitely their more brash aggressive car so far. Oh, there's the Bentayga, too, but that's another story altogether.

By Mitchell Jones

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