Rider Has Very Close Call With Truck After Getting Hit From Behind

No, this didn’t take place on the set of the next Final Destination movie but in Australia.

Holden’s New Commodore Has A Thing Or Two To Say To The Kia Stinger Police Cruiser

“License and Registration,” says the Holden Commodore to the Kia Stinger, trying to muscle in on Australia’s police-car market.

Man Drives Audi Q7 Straight Into A Bullbar-Equipped VW Amarok

It’s these types of accidents that are often the hardest to find excuses for.

Audi Q7 Driver Flips Cyclist Inside Parking Garage

While parking structures can sometimes be tricky to navigate, there’s no excuse for running into something or someone.

Current Jeep Grand Cherokee Has Been Recalled 20 Times In Australia

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is Australia’s most recalled vehicle.

Turns Out The Kia Stinger Makes A Good Police Cruiser

The Queensland Police Service in Australia is adding a fleet of 50 Kia Stingers to its motor pool.

Holden Commodore Veers Off The Road And Rolls Over Down Under

The Commodore was moving erratically even before the driver lost control and crashed.

You Can Buy A New Bullitt Mustang Down Under… At A Slight Premium

Ford will send 700 examples of the new Bullitt Mustang to Australia, each priced at AUD $73,688.

1971 Ford Falcon GTHO Becomes Most Expensive Australian Car Ever Selling For A Record AU$1.3 Million

Despite being 47 years old, it is in excellent condition and shows only 13k miles on the odo.

Kia Van Becomes The Ultimate Sleeper With V12 LS

Where else but Australia could a V12 LS-powered Kia van be built?.

Truck Goes Airborne Landing On Multiple Vehicles, Everyone Gets Out Alive!

The ute landed on three cars but, despite the disturbing footage, no one was seriously injured or killed.

U Spy: What Is This Cadillac Test Car Doing In Australia?

A camouflaged Cadillac CT6 test car was spotted down under filling our minds with questions.