Impreza Sport Wagon Render Exists Because Subaru Keeps Frustrating Us

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Not a few pointed out that the new 5-door Impreza looks akin to an estate, so someone decided to go all the way.

While other generations of 5-door Imprezas have had Estate-like body styling, we're pretty confident nobody was hoping to see that again afted Subaru exposed us to their Impreza Concept, in both hatchback and sedan form.

In fact, it turns out it was all just one big tease and, for the umpteenth time, the heart and soul of those concepts didn't make it into the production cars, despite several design cues that did. Sadly, in a rather unspectacular manner.

Basically, this render shows a compact estate that would rival the likes of the VW Golf Variant, Ford Focus Sportbreak and Astra Sports Tourer.

So now that you've seen what an Impreza Station Wagon could look like, do you think it looks better than the real thing?

Rendering courtesy of X-Tomi