Lamborghini Veneno Coupe #1 Is Looking For A New Home

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Before the 'Ring-conquering Aventador SV and the Centenario were brought to the world, Lamborghini had rolled out another exotic supercar.

Dubbed the Veneno, it came first as a coupe and, later, as a roadster.

Based on the Aventador and produced in just three examples for the solid roof version, it was sold out in no time.

With an initial price of approximately $4 million, it turned out to be a great investment for the lucky few who have got their hands on one. After seeing an example listed for a whopping $11 million, this particular model carries a more down-to-Earth price tag of $7.9 million (€7.1 million). It's not a bargain to start with, but the vendor states that this is actually the first-ever Veneno Coupe produced.

The ad on mobile reads that it came to life in July, 2013 and its odometer indicates just 100 km (62 miles), so despite being almost three years old, it's in mint condition. As intended, of course; a moneymaker if ever we saw one.