Land Rover Celebrates Mother's Day, Lets Kids Design Mom's Discovery Sport

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As the production of its 100,000th Discovery Sport coincided with Mother's Day, Land Rover has spotted an interesting marketing opportunity and surprised one lucky mom with a special edition.

Natalie Lipton, who unwittingly purchased the milestone vehicle, had a big surprise to find out that her new ride has been made more special by her children, 5-year old Noah and 7-year old Jacob, who were accompanied by two bosses and a team of designers, suppliers and experts from JLR's SVO (Special Vehicle Operations).

The gifts her kids chose are a personalized scarf, picnic blanket, seat-back tidies for children, tread-plates with "The Liptons" name, water bottles with the children's handwriting, child-seats with their names stitched in, rear-seat entertainment screens, a signed cookbook from James Martin, a set of willies for each member of the family, a Barbour for Land Rover jacket and a keyring with a favorite family snap.

"The Discovery Sport is a truly versatile family car so it's fitting that we are celebrating with such a special project from the Land Rover family to the Lipton family. It was fantastic meeting Noah and Jacob, they were enthusiastic, energetic and full of great ideas - definitely budding future car designers!", said Paul Cleaver, Discovery Sport Vehicle Programme Director.

The milestone vehicle is finished in Corris Grey and rolled off the assembly line in Halewood on February 29, exactly 500 days after the first one.

Land Rover began production of the Discovery Sport at its Halewood plant in October 2015, following a £200 million ($284 million) investment. This brought an additional 250 jobs to the plant that's now operating in three shifts, ensuring a 24-hour production. The SUV went on sale in December 2014 and it is currently sold in over 170 markets, with the UK, Europe and China leading the charge.