Nissan GT-R Teased For New York – Is It The Final Facelift Or A New Edition?

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A mysterious image was released by Nissan showing us the characteristic rear end of the GT-R with the promise of a reveal at the New York Auto Show.

The only thing written on that press release was “Today, Nissan sent to media a special ‘teaser’ regarding the company's presence at the 2016 New York International Auto Show, which will commence on Wednesday, March 23.”

Could this be the final, updated version of the R35? We believe so, as during the last few months we had reports saying Nissan wants to make the GT-R feel more premium before the current model is replaced by the R36 generation.

“I want to make the GT-R more premiere… not just fancy, but real premium, Quality. Handling quality, ride and comfort quality, NVH quality, some high quality in the body construction… we still have big opportunities here,” GT-R's programme manager Hiroshi Tamura said back in December.

The only other possibility is a new addition to the existing model year range. 

All we have to do is wait and see what Nissan has done to the Godzilla.

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