Ram Just Unveiled A New Special Edition Truck Named 'Yellow Rose of Texas'

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Ram released a new Texas-only addition to their half-ton lineup today, named the 'Yellow Rose of Texas' ahead of an on-sale date next month.

The truck is based on the 2016 Ram and is distinguished by its Stinger Yellow paint package visually, while technically it will be offered in half-ton 4x4 and 4x4 crew cab versions of the Ram 1500 Lone Star, which in turn are exclusive to the Texas retail sales market.

As Mike Manley, the head of Ram Brand points out, "Texas is truck country - Ram Truck country - and we're committed to building products that resonate with our customers. The importance of the Texas truck market cannot be overstated. That’s why the Ram Truck brand has worked year after year to deliver hard-working trucks that serve the communities across the Lone Star state."

The name of the special edition truck is derived from a mid-19th century American folk song, popularized later on in the 1955 Billboard No.1 hit by artist Mitch Miller.

According to Ram, more Texans drive trucks than drivers in any other state - as proven by the 20% of motor vehicle registrations versus the 12% which is the national average. The automaker also mentioned that they are the fastest growing truck brand in the state of Texas, with shares up 2.52 points over the last five years backing up that claim.