Let Your Kids Drive With Ride-On Electric VW Golf GTI

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Want to get our child interested in cars at a very young age? Well this ride-on electric Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabriolet could be the answer.

Currently listed on eBay courtesy of a Berlin-based store, the car is perfect for teaching your kid some of the basic principles needed to drive in the real world.

As mentioned, it is fully electric and includes both forward and reverse gears, selected via a simple gear selector. Additionally, there are fake engine sounds, functional turning signals, a stereo system with aux-in, SD card and USB connectivity as well as accelerator and brake pedals. Not too long ago, some of those infotainment options weren’t even standard on some life-size cars!

The listing says that drive comes courtesy of two electric motors at the rear axle and that the ride-on Golf GTI won’t exceed 5 km/h (3 mph), making it quite a safe toy, always under adult supervision of course. If something does go wrong or your child decides to take it onto the streets, it can be brought to a halt via the remote control.

With Christmas barely two weeks away, this could prove the perfect toy for the festive season and priced at just over $550, won't break the bank either.