All-New 2020 VW Golf Mk8 Filmed In South Africa? (Update – New Video)

It definitely looks different than the Golf Mk7 as well as the latest Polo, yet we’re not entirely convinced it’s real.

Volkswagen Gives Us A Glimpse Of 2020 Golf Mk8

The eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf will be unveiled in Q3 2019.

German Court Orders VW To Reimburse 2012 Golf TDI Owner Full €30,000 Purchase Price

What if VW had to do the same for all 11 million diesel-powered cars equipped with defeat devices?.

Score A Deal On This VW Golf R That Has Absolutely Nothing Wrong* With It (Cough, Cough)

Rebuilt title? Check. Flood claim? Check. Hydrolocked engine? Check. No worries, it’s totally fine.

Shocking Street Brawl Breaks Out After VW Golf Rear Ends BMW 1-Series

The driver of the Golf was the one getting beat up initially by the driver of the BMW and a pedestrian.

2020 Volkswagen Golf Mk8: Is This It Or Is Someone Trying To Fool Us?

Don’t be surprised if the Mk8 VW Golf looks different than these images suggest.

VW Golf Mk2 Has 1,300+ HP, Hits 207 Mph At The Half-Mile Run

This old, heavily modified Volkswagen Golf ran the 1/2-mile in 17.3 seconds at 333 km/h (207 mph).

Volkswagen Golf Mk8 Just Doesn’t Look Right With An Arteon Face

The all-new Volkswagen Golf will launch next year with better everything.

Sleeper VW Golf 4 Shows Lamborghini Huracan Who’s Boss

It might look (mostly) stock from the outside, but this Golf R32 delivers more than double its initial output.

2019 VW Lineup Is A Mixed Bag As The Golf Loses Power And The Passat Climbs $2,300

The 2019 VW Golf has a new 1.4-liter engine with 147 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque.

Tuned VW Golf Mk2 Sports A VR5 With 850 HP And AWD, Hits 180 Mph

Increasing power by 700 HP over the stock engine obviously required some serious mods from the tuner.

2019 VW Golf Will Reportedly Lose 23 HP By Downsizing To Jetta Engine

Peak torque stays the same and the Golf will gain extra gears for enhanced efficiency.