Does This Masculine Makeover Work For The Nissan Juke?

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Nissan has stopped working on the current Juke as they have a successor in the pipeline, but rendering artists haven’t given up on it just yet.

Penned by RainPrisk, this unique interpretation of the crossover that revolutionized the B-segment comes with a new face, a wide body, and massive rims wrapped in slick racing tires.

What else did the artist do? Well, through the windows we see a roll cage behind the rear seats, while the 'V12' license plate provides for some wishful thinking.

We do know, however, that the Nissan Juke can host the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 unit of the almighty GT-R sports car, as proved by Nissan's own small production batch. The meanest and baddest came with a whopping 600 PS (592 HP), while the street-legal version had to do with "just" 545 HP, and was offered for a mind-blowing €500,000 ($535,000).