Second-Gen Nissan Juke Reportedly Set To Arrive Next Summer

Nissan might preview the 2020 Juke with a concept in the next few months.

Nissan Juke Transformed Into A Cute Little Off-Road Monster

Philippines’ Autobot Autoworks has made this Juke more capable of veering off the beaten path.

2019 Nissan Juke With Minor Facelift Priced From £15,505 In The U.K.

It’s the same old Nissan Juke, but with some modest exterior revisions and new trim on the inside.

Nissan Recalls 166,000 Vehicles In North America Due To Ignition Issue

A potential ignition switch problem could cause the engine to shut off while driving.

Second-Gen Nissan Juke Arriving Within Months For 2019

The new, second-gen Nissan Juke will look like “an urban meteor with a nasty attitude”, whatever that means .

Nissan Dropping Juke From U.S. Lineup

With only 41 sold here last month, it’s little wonder that Nissan’s reportedly going to stop selling the Juke in the United States.

Nissan Builds 1 Millionth Juke In Sunderland Factory

Eight years after its debut, the popular Nissan Juke hits an important production milestone at the Sunderland factory in UK.

2018 Nissan Juke Arrives In Geneva With The Most Modest Of Upgrades

The updated Nissan Juke will go on sale in Europe from May.

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Study Finds Being Dehydrated As Bad As Having Blood Alcohol Concentration Of 0.8%

Nissan is raising awareness that people should hit the bottle before driving,…